Thursday, 29 April 2010


Dip in the Hedge
Acrylic 8x6

Still playing catch up with my 100 painting for under 100 GB Pounds this is No.7 and I've got five still to do before I'm where I want to be. After that they'll be posted on Tuesday's and Thursday's throughout the year. I really enjoyed doing this summer landscape and the challenge of creating the various shades of green.
Well this weekend is the May holiday weekend and I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be taking time off on holidays so this weekend will be a sort off down tools for me. Chances are I'll not be able to go four days without painting but I'm going to compromise by not posting and keeping off the computer. There are a million things needing done to take up my time that are constantly put off to paint but I'll also make sure to relax.
Have a great weekend and you guys across the Pond enjoy Derby Day. Won't be shown over here but it's the start of our Classics with the2000 and 1000 guineas from Newmarket so won't be boring.

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