Monday, 26 April 2010


The Irish Grey Mare
by Sir Alfred Munnings
Well Saturdays painting sadly became a wipeout today, disappointing, maddening all those kind off words. It's not the first and certainly won't be the last but it does take the wind out of your sails for a few hours after it. So... I've made a promise never to call anything a work in progress again, it's definately the kiss of death on a blog to call anything a work in progress. From now on they're just posts...untill I tell you otherwise LOL.
What do I do when something like that happens, usually thump about for a bit, sulk for a bit more. Then.....the scrapbook comes out and I sift through images created by genius. This one above is by my hero Sir Alfred Munnings just gorgeous and then I console myself with the fact that even he would have the odd wipeout or two, then and only then I think tomorrow will be better :)


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

WIP's are a pain and present many problems. I have one I'm in the middle of and have had to take a break from it due to a commission and then health reasons. Now it lays in wait like a bad dream lurking in the background waiting to pounce on me. LOL, I guess I'll have to tackle it on a better day than this!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

They certainly feel painful at the moment