Friday, 14 May 2010


Today started on a high with the knowledge that I had become the proud owner of a Susan Leyland sketch. Susan is a wonderful sculptor, born in Scotland (off course :-D) but now residing in Italy. She has a lovely blog where she is posting some of the wonderful sketches she makes which eventually become stunningly beautiful pieces of sculpture. Check it out here mine is No.18 :)). Then I got word that the canvas I was having made up in London was ready and will be dispatched Monday and arrive here on Tuesday....58x32 going to look big, white and scary in my studio space!!!
Got rid off a few chores I had to do and sat down at last in front of the easel in the afternoon. The above is what I've managed and at the moment it could go either way but I think I can get somewhere with it. Needs more shaping and a lot more va va voom!!
The lows, phoned my client to let him know the canvas would be arriving Tues to be told that one of his lovely mares Speedy had died on Monday due to complications with colic. If that wasn't bad enough she had an eight week old colt at foot. They've been trying to find a foster Mum all this week. First one wouldn't tolerate him but he now seems to have bonded with a BIG MAMMA in the shape of a Clydesdale mare. Can't wait to meet this odd couple he's a Thoroughbred but feel so sorry for all concerned, Speedy was 14 years old and had spent all her life there having been homebred at the farm, a truly sad loss.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

It's a lovely sketch of Susan's and I don't blame you for being proud of it!

My husband and I ran a training barn for 30 years, broodmares also. Always so sad to lose one and deal with an orphan. We were in Kentucky at the time and nurse mares were a big business. Still, sometimes you have to go through 2 or 3 to get the right one and is so stressful on all, mostly the foal itself.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Can't wait for it to arrive Gail :)
He and his new Mum seem to have hit it off just keeping my fingers crossed for everyone.