Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I LOVE MY JOB........

Had a wonderful day yesterday in the stunning Perthshire countryside, beautiful weather and views that streached as far as the eye could see. I was there to take photos of horses that I'll be painting in the coming weeks. A group of homebred thoroughbreds on a 58"x32" canvas add to that pasture land framed with mature woods and beautiful views over Perthshire it just doesn't get better than that...smile. It's days like that make me glad to be an artist.
Mind you last week I wasn't so sure my mo jo had certainly deserted me and nothing I touched survived I can't remember ever having so many wipe offs and the big canvas propped against the wall was starting to look scary. But yesterday I remembered why I paint and why I love horses.

First I met Sammy (Angie thinks that's what he's going to be called) and my heart melted. He is the sweetest wee guy with his gorgeous deep eyes. Losing his Mum a couple of weeks ago he hasn't had the best of starts but his foster Mum Rosie is being a good substitute and he's a happy friendly wee guy.

So tiring being photographed

The beautiful Gayle as you can see even in this photo is due any day now. Gayle is Mum to Silver By Nature and Hurricane Jack whose paintings you'll find further back on this Blog. It was a strange feeling taking photos of her cos I had done the same with her mother Dalkey Sound almost on the same spot some eighteen years ago ( I started young lol). She was sharing the paddock with her son Oscar (forgot to put an image up of him) a very handsome bay. He is retired from racing but has been doing a spot of dressage, eventing and even show jumping.....who says you can't train an old dog or in the case horse new tricks.

Other members of the family some enjoying their summer holidays and others still growing. In this photo they had been interested in something that was going on but then their attention turned to me. I quickly found myself engulfed by this friendly bunch, was really a special moment for me feeling their breathe on my hair and soft muzzles nudging me. Darcy(first bay on the right) took quite a shine to my camera bag

Sammy's yearling brother.....same soft eyes

Sorry can'r remember her name but isn't she gorgeous

Do It For Dalkey or Ranger to his friends on his summer break from racing, generously offering me a mouthful of grass big sop :)

I love this Silver Patriach filly who was pretty bold not to mention bossy with the men folk lol. I'll be going back up to take more photos once Gayle has had her foal and I honestly can't wait.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Lovely material to work with. I know what you mean by big blank canvas!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Little blank ones can be just as scary some days lol