Friday, 7 May 2010

Where Has My Day Gone????

Sorry to say there's NO painting to look at today, my day has simply ran away from me. I haven't been idle, spent the morning sending off paintings to clients and doing a little shopping in town. Checked some blogs I follow and noticed a post by Linda Shantz a fellow equine artist. She spent the whole of April creating beautiful daily equine paintings on her Thirty Horses, Thirty Days blog and got a mention on Katherine Tyrrel's Making A Mark Blog. Katherine made a comment about some blog's, not I may add about Linda's having a busy format that can sometimes distract the eye away from the paintings. I have to say I've been thinking for sometime that my Blog is one of those and a tad busy. So this afternoon was spent trimming some of it down....might go a bit further yet I'll have a think.
I also went through my reference photos from my day at Ayr races back in February, there are some that I want to work up into larger paintings. Hoping to start this weekend though there's a chance I might go to Ayr County Show....ideal for another photo shoot.
Time to hit the pillow I think, have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by.

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