Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Untitled work in progress
Acrylic 8x6
Felt so good to be back at the easel today, things are'nt finished with my studio clearance but I now have a space for my easel where it will be comfortable to work with the large canvas I'm about to start. I know it was probably sensible to carry on and finish the studio but need to get on with work that is piling up. Plus the withdrawl symptoms were making me twitchy lol. I'll be able to do the rest without disturbing my easel....apart from when I paint the walls but then there will be less to move :). This little landscape still has just a little tweeking to do but I had to stop as hay was being delivered to the yard. Will finish it in the morning :))


Concha Signes said...

Hello Elizabeth, very good work, I like the horses are noble animals, I really like you too. Got a link to one of my blogs.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Concha for your lovely comments about my work :)