Thursday, 24 June 2010


Glint on the Roof's
Acrylic 8x6
off to a new home in Bonnie Scotland
Got my little tweeking done this morning and this sunkissed little painting is ready to go. I have to apologise for falling behind on the 100 paintings. I'm 12 behind by my count so this afternoon I'll cut some new boards and continue with them until I've caught up and then it will be every Tuesday and Thursday. I also aim to start work on my large commission this evening but it might be a little while before I'll have something worth looking at. This is just the planning and seeing if it works stage :). Also have paintings to think about for three charity exhibitions I take part in, so things are going to be exciting for a wee while, certainly worth looking in regularly!


Diana Marshall said...

What a lovely summer sky, it reminds me of childhood summers. Lovely painting.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Diana, typical of here in Ayrshire big skies and rolling fields :)

Linda Shantz said...

I agree, it's beautiful. I love your landscapes as much as the animals, I think! Largely because I can't paint one to save my life!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Linda...didn't really start painting landscapes until 1996 when I started painting for a living. Like everything else its just been learning by trial and error. I've seen you put horses in landscapes and they look just fine :)