Thursday, 17 June 2010


Sleepy Sammy

The odd couple if you read my Blog you'll know that Sammy lost his Mum and Rosie was brought in as a substitute Mum. They have bonded together but have to say look quite strange lol.
The handsome Oscar striding out.

Willie practising his bow

Tonto aka Silver By Nature enjoying his summer break from racing

The beautiful Gale who as you can see is looking well after her sad ordeal. She was very happy sharing her paddock with Angies retired mare playing buddy.

Well I've got all the references I need, not too mention inspiration, beautiful horses, stunning landscape you just can't beat it. A lovely couple of hours on a hill in Perthsire putting the jigsaw pieces together for a painting. Mind you all didn't go as smoothly as last time, this time I was engulfed by the group as usual but they just plain refused to play the game of posing. I've got no pockets left after having them rifled by seven greedy faces. They eventually ignored me after the polo mints run out and I managed to get what I needed but it's the last time I take polo mints into a field of horses lol. Little Sammy is coming on well and turning into a bit of a star with newspapers and even a TV crew taking up his and Rosies story. I visited Gale on the way out of the farm where she was sharing what is a very pretty little paddock with Angie's retired mare. She can up to the gate and we shared a little moment together and I just love this photograph of her.

Well having a quiet day today but tomorrow I'll get started for real with some studies just to get colours and postions before starting on the big canvas for long will it take, till it's finished :)) I'll be fitting others in on my spare time lol.


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Lovely photos and the odd couple is nice. Cold blooded mares mare wonderful nurse mares.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

She's a bit of an angel Gail but I think she may have stood on his foot cos he's pretty sharp at moving them away if he thinks she's getting too close....I don't blame him they're enormous lol