Thursday, 8 July 2010


Path to the Ford
Acrylic 8x6
Well my washing machine has washed it's last wash...expensive wash too cost me £110. Was repaired on Wednesday morning, a brand new motor, completed a wash of backed up washing beautifully and I have to say quieter than it has for ages. Washed a few by hand put them on the spin was almost finished and pop then stop. Engineer came back out today and futtered about with it.....electronics he says and cheaper to buy a new one.
I was a 'woe is me' through lunch but then came up to the studio and started to lose myself in my work. Phone rang and lo and behold it was Judy from the Aberfeldy gallery to say that a couple had bought three of my paintings. Made me smile and fired me up to do this wee landscape above.
Also had a smile when I was taking the photo of this painting, looking at it took me back a good few years. This ford is a bit posh these days, a heavy slab of concrete is in place so riders can cross the burn (little creek) with a gentle slope on both sides. First time I took Rio (my first horse) across it there was a fair drop in and out. Rio had never crossed it before and in hindsight it would have been better to lead her over first time, but I didn't want to get my feet I encouraged her in and before I knew it she had dropped her shoulder and I was soaked to the skin. She shot up the bank on the other side like a rat up a her credit she didn't take off and leave me but I don't think it was a trick of the light that made me think she was grinning down at me :))
Thanks as always for finding your way here :)


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Another lovely landscape! And a great story to go with it!
100 degrees here, miserable and very dry. Going to be a long HOT summer I'm afraid.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Gail. Oh my 100 degrees I would be a greasy spot on the path, I truly feel for you. Glad you liked the story it's funny how something can trigger a memory :)