Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Ok I've probably be on holiday from the easel for long enough so too kick away the cobwebs I've started today with what I feel most comfortable with a head study of a horse. It's not that I don't already have pieces that are started I thought I better get back in the swing with something I DON'T want to make into a dog's dinner. This is going to be a study of the Mark Johnston trained Music News not because he's a winner, I just liked his colouring and the way he carried his head. As a matter of interest because you won't see them he has the smallest feet I think I've ever seen on a Thoroughbred. We'll see how this turns out :)

I got quite a lift from my day at the races so theres every chance I'll be working on a few studies from the course....even some jockeys. Some of these will find their way into my 100 Paintings for under 100 GB Pounds, so those with a fondness for the Turf will have to keep popping in for the chance of picking up an original for a bargin.
Thanks as always for dropping in.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Had a lovely day at the races yesterday took my camera with me and got some really lovely shots. Was just nice to relax and not think about anything but a nice day out. There wasn't a big crowd which was an added bonus (for me) and the sunny day seemed to have put a smile on most folks faces. The horses especially were enjoying the sun on their coats and each and everyone of them was a credit to it's handler. Mind you some of them were on their toes as one of the photos shows but shortly after that one of them got in such a tizzy it ended up crashing into the paddock rails, thankfully they're made of plastic and easily spring out but more thankfully no one including the horse was hurt...needless to say he didn't go on to win :). Time out makes me realise that I need to find a balance between work and all the other things in life that need taken care off.......just haven't figured out how yet, but I know I'll get there. Meanwhile, the garden beckons :))

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


I hate that feeling when your working on something and you know in yourself that no matter how hard you try the battle is lost. These past two days have been like that, everything I've touched or started has gone belly up. Time for some evasive action....time to stop trying so hard...smile. I'm going to switch off the computer, go for long walks, do some housework, get out into the garden, declutter anything but painting. So I'll be gone for a few days then I'll be back with mojo intact and hopefully with something half decent to look at. Y'all have fun till I get back :)

Sunday, 22 August 2010


Sorry but this post is a bit short and sweet I've just finished the second of the paintings going to Kilbarchan tomorrow and I'm now off for a lie down before seeing to the horses. Sorry for the melodrama but I have a pounding headache and my vision is getting a bit blurry. Till tomorrow have a great day :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010


This is the second of the two paintings for the Art Off The Square Exhibition still a bit to go but I'm happy with the start. Trying to keep it loose and impressionistic which can be hard for me at times, all those years of painting detailed equine portraits :)
For those who have been enjoying my photographs I've re-started the Images And Words From Caledonia. Trying to keep this Blog strictly for my paintings. Won't be much words bantered about as time is premium these days but they'll be plenty photos. I'm not a photographer but I find it very relaxing taking photographs some I use for my paintings but it seems a waste not to share them.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


This is the first of two paintings that will be going to Kilbarchan next week for the annual exhibition Art Off The Square. With my usual running at the last moment I had to enter them as Ayrshire Landscape 1 and 2 but I'm going to call this one "As Far As" it's 8x8 and priced at £250-.
Before I go I'd just like to draw your attention to Liz Wiltzen's blog Liz Wiltzen-A Painters Journal Liz has been completing 100 plein air paintings in 100 days and you really should have a look. Day No.97 is probably my favourite but it also has the most amazing story to go with it. Not going to give any clues you'll have to look :))

Sunday, 15 August 2010


"Beachcombers, Sanna"
by Helen M Turner
Not only is this wonderful painting from my scrapbook by I'm also very proud to call it's creator Helen Turner a friend and mentor. Helen encouraged me to paint more years ago than I care to remember when we both worked in the Design Studio of BMK.While Helen was one of the top designers I was a hand trailist but she took the time to take an interest in my work and encourged me to paint at every oppertunity or was that brow beated me lol. She has a rare gift of not only being able to paint but of being able to inspire others. All that and a wicked sense of humour....the stories, I'll leave for another day. Just sit back and enjoy her work.

Friday, 13 August 2010


Lady in Waiting
Acrylic 6x8
Had a lovely afternoon in the studio finishing off this wee painting of a cow obviously looking fit to burst. I really like the way this one panned out and can see me using this idea again with a bonnie wee foal I've been toying with painting.
This morning was pretty good as well me and the boys had a lovely walk and I managed to get a few photos that I'll be able to get ideas from. Added one or two for your pleasure.
Hope you have a super weekend.

One of the farmers has stiles on his land too encourge people to walk the edges of his fields.

The swallows are all gathering together getting ready for their journey South a bit of de-bugging going on here.

My path this morning was bathed in sunshine

The queue for the X-Factor lol.....paint me, paint me!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Had hoped to have more of this one done, in fact I had hope too have it finished but have a toothache and it isn't doing much for my concentration. Got a dentist appointment for tomorrow morning so that should have me back firing on all cylinders. This Mummy cow is fit too burst and can't be too much longer before her baby will hit the floor goiong to call it "Lady in Waiting". Looking forward to getting back to it hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Side By Side
Acrylic 5x7
Always feel a little rusty if I haven't painted for a couple of days but this little landscape just seemed to appear.....thank goodness. This is No.22 of the 100 paintings I'm doing for under £100 I'm behind scedule with them at the moment though the project isn't due to finish until March 2011 so plenty of time to catch up.
Thanks for looking in and have a lovely evening.

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Somedays it's just good to forget everything and just have a quiet day....today was one of those days. As I mentioned before things are a foot and nature has started preparing for her big sleep. Oh I know there will still be plenty more warm sunny days, like today has been but it is happening. This morning was a beautiful walk with the morning sun catching the handiwork of the gossamer spiders, spreading their faerie blankets on the grass. I particularly like the top photo of the sun filtering through the leaves....yes today was one of those days. Spent the rest of it in the garden cutting back wayward shrubs and turning the soil to let it breathe, and this evening I just relaxed. Back to normal bedlam tomorrow :))
Forgot too say click on the photo of the web to get the true beauty of it!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Acrylic 6x6

Well it's finished I'm not touching another thing on it. Can't say I'm wholeheartedly pleased with it and there was dogged determination to have a finished piece. It almost landed in the bin this morning as I have a mountain of work to get done and this seemed a waste of time but really that's not the attitude to take. Don't get me wrong there are parts that I like but I've gone too long on her face and she's lost the baby look she was supposed to have, that's a disappointment to me. I might have another shot at her further along the month for the moment I'm working on commission's (I'll let you see them further into their development). Also have two to do for Art Off The Square a charity exhibition and two for the Save The Children Exhibition. Save The Children have a competition (The Willa Revie Trophy) every year in which those participating can enter one of their paintings. I won it the first year it was introduced but haven't entered any of my paintings since, this year is such a good subject "Play of Light", I might just be tempted.
Off to visit my Aunt tonight she was at the hospital on Tuesday and got her stitches out but she's to keep the pins in for another two weeks....it's not coming quick enough for her.
Thanks for taking time out for a look :)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Sorry Gail I didn't like the green if in doubt go for a safe dark background lol. Feel a bit more comfortable with it now but still a lot to do.....too tired this evening.


Worked on this wee work in progress today but feel I've lost my road with it. It's what I said in my last post they're are times when you start something and although it shows promise somewhere along the line it flops. Shall it stay or shall it go, I'll go get dinner on and see how I feel about when I come back to the easel.
By the way I just noticed that my hit counter on the blog has passed 10,000, amazing and it's all down to you lot out there who visit. I can't begin to explain the encouragement you all give me by visiting, especially your lovely comments. Thank you :))

Monday, 2 August 2010


Not much done to this wee darling but was determined to post something....posting encourages me to produce. I'm sorry if it's annoying to those of you viewing seeing half chewed paintings some of which might never be finished but that's how it is at times. For every finished piece there can be two or three that never see the light off day again. Mostly I get a feel as soon as the rough drawing that it's going to work but not always. I just try to learn from both the good and the bad :).
This little filly belongs to Australian author Carmel Rowley who I met on facebook. Carmel very kindly gave me permission to work from her photographs.
Well time for bed I think hopefully I'll manage a full nights sleep as I've still got an annoying cough. Catch y'all tomorrow.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


It's a little hard to believe that this is the first of August but I guess the warning signs have been there with the days getting shorter. But this morning was the clincher, I've been suffering since Friday with a cold. I hate colds, first the warning sign of a raspy sore throat, then yesterday the constantly dripping nose and streaming eyes. Today the difficulty breathing, I find the best cure apart from an inhaler is a walk. It was during the walk that I noticed the subtle change in the countryside. The vibrant green is mellowing, not just because hay has been cut or that the barley is ready, you can see it in the trees. The berries are ripening on the hawthorn, lots of berries which reminds me of the old saying 'Many haw's many snow's'. Most of the wildflowers have gone or are going to seed and the birds are gorging on them. The change in the air not really a chill more of a freshness, the trees that were first to produce their leaves look a little tired and there's a quiet whisper moving through their branches. Even the animals are different this morning when I turned out Tara and Dougal I noticed for the first time their summer coats are starting too moult...yep hard too believe or not August is here.......
Move it, move it, move it....these Magpies looked as if they were doing their best to roll this bale lol...

You can definately see the change in the countryside colours here.

Gone too seed.

Rusted look of the dokin leaves

Thistle is having a bad hair day as it's seeds are blown in the wind.

Not quite ripe yet, but these sheath's are sheltered by the hedge.

Have no idea how this lot managed to get themselves in here by their expressions I don't think they know either lol.

I'm shy Mary Ellen I'm shy

Just a few shots from the camera on my walk this morning for you all too enjoy :)) as for my cold, feels much better!!