Sunday, 8 August 2010


Somedays it's just good to forget everything and just have a quiet was one of those days. As I mentioned before things are a foot and nature has started preparing for her big sleep. Oh I know there will still be plenty more warm sunny days, like today has been but it is happening. This morning was a beautiful walk with the morning sun catching the handiwork of the gossamer spiders, spreading their faerie blankets on the grass. I particularly like the top photo of the sun filtering through the leaves....yes today was one of those days. Spent the rest of it in the garden cutting back wayward shrubs and turning the soil to let it breathe, and this evening I just relaxed. Back to normal bedlam tomorrow :))
Forgot too say click on the photo of the web to get the true beauty of it!


Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi Elizabeth ... beautiful photos! Yes, I'm certain we were created to be at our best when we take time out from our work to rest and rejuvenate a bit.
I know exactly what you mean about autumn coming ... even though temperature-wise we've had a few triple digit days here lately, it seems I can smell fall in the air, especially in the early morning. I think the dogs can sense it, too. They're out there frolicking in the 7:00 a.m., 85-degree heat just as if it were a crisp 60 degrees!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you Karen yes is does us good to take time out and notice what is happening around us. I think I might just melt away at three digit temperatures though lol.