Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Shore Lights
Acrylic 6x6
Exhibiting in the Aberfeldy Christmas Exhibition from 6th November 2010 - 6th January 2011
There's just something welcoming about a lit window. Especially now as the day's are starting to shorten, people returning home from work eager to get out of the cold. How welcoming the shoreline lights must be to those out on the seas.
This wasn't my intended painting today the first I struggled with but it was obvious that I wasn't going to get I turned about and did something totally different. I don't really have an affinity with the sea but I'm rather pleased with how this turned out.


Linda Shantz said...

I think it's great, Elizabeth. I love water - though I've avoided painting it for the most part!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Linda I love sitting watching the sea in all her moods but sadly rarely am I able to capture them. I know I should try harder but it's easier to paint horses lol.....sometimes!!