Monday, 18 October 2010


The Blues Boys Acrylic 6x8 £75-
Had a lovely morning at Ayr with my friend Jane always a bit of a laugh. No matter what we go for we always manage to get up to some As always on the way home we headed for our local Dobbies which is a garden centre but also carries lots of unusual gifts. Christmas has well and truly arrived there and there is nothing like an Aladdin's cave of gifts, cards and decorations to turn you into a big kid again. We didn't have much time for shopping which is just as well with what was on show but another visit is already arranged, though I hope the smell of cinnamon has died a little it was more than a little
Maroon and White Diamonds Acrylic 7.5 x 8 £80-
Did remind me though to let you all know that all the commission places for Christmas are filled, but if it's a painting you've set your on heart then theres plenty to choose from and they won't break the bank. I know I might be a tad biased but there is a nice selection to be had at my 100 Paintings For Under 100 GB Pounds blog. Equine, cattle and Rural Landscapes like the four published in this post are still available and more being included right through the holiday period all original. Just scroll, pick and click and I'll send it off....easy peasy and no

Glint on the Roofs Acrylic 6x8 £75-

Lady in Waiting Acrylic 6x8 £75-


Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi, Elizabeth ... that DOES sound like a lovely, fun visit. Dobbies sounds like just my kind of store. I love those garden-y places with lots of surprises and unique gifts. We have a local shop here called Mrs. McGregor's Garden that I just love. Can't go there TOO often, though ... I'm afraid I would be tempted to spend too much money! :)

I really like that "Blues Boys" painting; I can fairly feel the chill in the air ... and the way the horse is looking directly at us ... very engaging!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I like the sound of your Mrs. McGregors Also agree that you can't go too often for fear of becoming as we say over here 'skint'. They also have a restaurant come tearoom which is hard to resist and a farmers produce shop...sigh!

The Blues Boys is one of my favourites too. I'm a little out of my comfort zone painting figures but practice makes perfect or so they say :))