Friday, 15 October 2010


Had hoped this would be finished but bad light has stopped play. Even with a daylight lamp in the studio it's so grey outside that it's altering as I'm painting. Also worth noting that the blues are not quite as punchy as this or perhaps it's just my screen...might be just perfect on yours. Another problem, well not really a problem I suppose but I'm not sure who this lovely horse is. I do know it was from the 27th May at Ayr but I'm not sure who he is...will have to try some detective work with the other images. Don't suppose it really matters but I like to put a name to the faces I paint :)).
Well not sure what I've planned for the weekend but whatever you are doing I hope it's a good one. Thanks for looking!


RLT Art said...

So beautiful.
I love it - you are so talented :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Rebecca for the lovely comments, I enjoyed looking at your blog and hope you'll continue to produce more pieces

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Love how this one is coming along.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gail :))