Friday, 5 November 2010


Well despite the wet weather we've been having, Guy Fawkes night was still held in style. Normally we have problems with Joshua as he's terrified of the noise from the fireworks but with old age comes deafness and this year he slept all through it. The loud banging fireworks have been replaced by screaming ones....quite eery I must say, they really do sound the like someone screaming. I enjoy watching the organised one which takes place at the Dean Park in Kilmarnock being about three miles away we get the benefit of the view without the noise :)
I've been a little short on posts these last couple of weeks for various reasons. Was off to Aberfeldy to deliver my paintings early for the Christmas Exhibition as a client was coming early to look at a couple of my paintings. The exhibiton opens tomorrow with a lovely selection of work, some of which can be seen online at .
Sunday past I finally got down to Rozelle to see the Save The Children Exhibition...on the very last day of the show. Another lovely exhibition where 173 paintings had been sold from just over 400 entries at a value of £41,621 not bad in the economic climate.
Some personal issues and a touch of painters block has left me a bit drained and frustrated as I have a number of commisions on the burner (including one very big one which I can't hide from as it takes up a huge part of my studio and stares accusingly at me). I know this will pass but for now I'll take things at a slower pace for a little while, you may have noticed I've altered the goal posts for the 100 paintings for under £100. They now don't have a finish date and will be finished...when they're finished. The good news for that is you'll have longer to decide which one you want :)
Thanks for looking in and have a lovely weekend :)


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Lovely exhibition Elizabeth! Hope you sell all you want.

Tomorrow is the Breeder's Cup in Louisville at Churchill Downs. Won't be there but will be at the TV watching.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Yes I know it's Breeders Cup weekend would love to be there in person to see the great Zenyatta and Goldikova. Won't even see it on TV as I don't have SKY tv :( Will have to wait for replays!

RLT Art said...

Your exhibition looks brilliant! and i love the fireworks picture :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Rebecca :)