Tuesday, 28 December 2010


The Big Freeze
Acrylic 6x7 On Board

Taking advantage of the holiday period to have some down time, though it can be hard at times to break the normal habit. This little snow scene was the result of withdrawl symptoms. The big freeze we've been having has for some of us started to disappear. The last couple of days have been just above zero at 3C and the snow has all but gone albeit with the help of some rain. Have to say everything looks a bit dismal at the moment and it seems so much darker. The water is lying on the fields so the ground must still be frozen and a little sunshine might help with a thaw. Racing at Ayr for the New Year meeting is a maybe and I think the ground will have to soften a lot more.

Well a little lunch is in order followed by a visit to the yard to tidy things up then it's back to re-runs of Coloumbo, Poirot, Miss Marple e.t.c. Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a brand new year.




Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I absolutely love this!!

Lots of snow here, especially for the South. Still thawing out.

Managed to get my commissions done before Christmas and all were pleased. My hand is still screaming from all the detail work but I did manage to get the acrylics out today to paint some. I rarely have time off so I am determined to paint!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Had heard on tour news that the US was getting more snow than normal. Glad you like this one :)

It is definately a relief when everything promised for Christmas get's done on time. I'm enjoying a little respite over the holiday period before the new year starts :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Beautiful snow scene! Cozying up with old Columbo's, Poirot's, and Miss Marples ... and possibly a cup o' hot chocolate? Heavenly!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

LOL Cadbury's hot chocolate Mmmm....