Sunday, 28 February 2010

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" ~ Winston Churchill

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Study of a Bay Mare
Acrylic 8x7
Available enquiries should come to me.
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Was really fired up this morning ready to carry on where I had left off with the bay mare yesterday. And......I'm really pleased with the result...thank God says you she's stopped moaning lol. Just sat down picked up the brushes, worked loosely and enjoyed myself......that seems to be the secret :)

Will leave it like that for now and think where I'll take it, should I take it further or leave it as a study?? Might look nice as it is with an ivory mount. Now back to the maroon and diamond silks.......

Enquiries should come to me.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

STUDY OF A BAY in progress.

Just a quick study of a bay mare from this summer. Was having withdrawls from horses but I'll be back to my jockey tomorrow. Going to relax with a book this evening!


The Swagger
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Yesterday was a strange day the kind that I'm sure many artists have, you have work to do it's sitting there unfinished on the easel....making you feel guilty at not paying it any attention. I frittered yesterday away, well maybe not frittered away, it was constructive frittering. I spent the day looking through the mountain of reference photos I have looking for ideas (I love the one above showing that confident swagger of the Thoroughbred), it didn't really help cos now I have so many ideas running through my head it a computer that's been crammed with so much information it stops working.....sigh. I do find comfort though in knowing through reading other blogs and indeed articles about better known artists than I, it's something we all go through. My head has cleared a little and I'm ready to get back to that which I've started knowing that even though the brain can carry the ideas the body only has two Have fun today thinking, dreaming and maybe even doing some art.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Maroon and White Diamonds
This is as much as I got done this morning before I had to stop as a client with reference photos had arrived. Was a welcome break....honest I am enjoying this more than I thought I would in fact I've already lined up my next jockey but I could have made it a lot easier for myself. Firstly I should have picked one that didn't have diamonds and secondly I should have been bolder and gone much bigger, to be honest even when I was sketching it on the board I knew I should have been bigger but the stubborn Scot came out in me and I carried on. Next one wil be 16 x 16 which no doubt I'll find something to moan about lol. Will carry on with this today and maybe if I've time start a study in oils of a horse this evening. Nearly forgot to say this is nearer the true colour I'm photographing them in the studio at the moment and this time of day seems to get a better light.
Thanks as always for looking :)


As you can see not a lot of progress been made to this one, though I toned down the colouring on the jockeys face....... National Hunt jockeys don't have tans lol. I then decided to take a break from the easel for a few days and smell the roses. Well at -6 temperatures there weren't many to sniff but there was plenty to catch up on. The house is a little more tidy and shiny, I actually watched the racing on Saturday without feeling guilty that I should be working and I caught up on some reading......I have a growing pile of books I need to get through. Walked the dogs without thinking about what still needed doing, had a good tidy up at the stables and just generally relaxed and now brught and early on Monday morning I'm all set to start my week.
Hope your weekend has been a good one.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well this is as far as I've got this morning but have to say I'm quite enjoying it....I actually wish I had gone a bit bolder and larger but then again might not be saying that later. At the moment I'm just trying to stop myself getting to much detail in at this stage....but that's a difficult thing for me. I have a client coming this afternoon about a commission but hopefully I'll get back to this later in the day.


Immaculate turnout...check out the thistle quarter marks!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Been out for most of the day but managed to get the sketch done. Hard bit is going to be the jockey's silks, not just capturing the silk effect but they also have a diamond pattern. Also added a couple of the horses connections so we'll see how they pan out, makes it a little more interesting I think....ask me again in a few days lol.

Thanks as always for looking in.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Chaos reigns today but I have managed a start albeit a small start to my jockey challenge....been a challenge getting this far today lol. My Canadian friend and fellow racing enthusiast Linda Shantz is also doing one....both of us are encouraging each other to move from our comfort zones :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Spent yesterday afternoon at a cold but sunny Ayr Racecourse (above). I can't remember the last time I was there but boy have they made some changes. Not all for the better, it feels...well actually it doesn't feel, they seem to have stripped away most of the charm and friendly feeling I remember. Could be off course as the years have gone by it's my memory that has been distorted.
I did get what I had gone for...reference photos, one thing I didn't have in the 'old' days was a digital camera that fires off shot after shot after shot. Hope my friend Canadian artist Linda Shantz is looking in cos I've now got lots of jockey shots...both of us are brushing up on the two legged companions to our equine excuse now to get too it :).

Grahm Lee

Harry Flashman...that's the horse's name by the way not the

Something Silver

Justtheoneforyou was wearing cheek pieces for the first time yesterday....looks a bit embarassed poor boy

Horses away

I'm sorry to end in a sad note but I couldn't not post Witherspoon's handsome head. Racing can at times be a heart breaking sport and the loss of Witherspoon yesterday is has hard as it get's. As upset as I was, I can't imagine the pain felt by his owners and Lucinda Russells team but most of all my thoughts are with Rachael leading him up, who lost a best friend.
"Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe on your heart. You will never regret it." ~ Anon
Thanks as always for taking the time to visit, come back soon and bring a friend.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Acrylic 8x8
Enquiries should come to me.
Well think this one is finished at least I've put it aside for a little while and I'll go back and have another look. Untitled at the moment anyone got any suggestions ??
Well might just get to the races tomorrow as it managed to stay above zero last night and today has been beautiful. Weather forecast is good for tomorrow so the course inspection that was planned for this afternoon has been put back to tomorrow morning...that's always a good sign.
You might have noticed that I closed my other blog Images and Words from Caledonia, trying to cut back on the time I spend on the web, it's amazing how long you spend on it, time better spent painting :)
Thanks as always for taking the time to look in, hope you have a great day where ever your looking from.
The colour of springtime is in the flowers, the colour of winter is in the imagination - Ward Elliot Hour

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I know this work in progress doesn't look anything like finished but this is as far as I've got with it today. Definately in the uglies but I can see potential in it....even if no one else does. One of the beauties of using acrylics is the speed with which they dry......and also how quickly you can erase your mistakes. But even they can start to look over done or contrived,. this at the moment if nothing else still has a feeling of spontaneity. I'll leave it for tonight and go back to it tomorrow.
Been another cold day today -6 this morning but like yesterday the sun came out and a bright pallette of colour with it. One disappointment though was the abandonment of tomorrow's race card at Ayr...AGAIN. I was so looking forward to going after many years abcence, bought new discs for my camera and had plenty of spare batteries. Temperature was 4C when I came back from the yard tonight so hopefully it'll stay above zero and we might get racing on Saturday. Looking forward to getting lots of reference photos of jockeys, trainers and racegoers...and off course horses.
Thought I'd share some photos I took this morning on my walk....enjoy!

Morning Chorus

Dust of snow on Goat Fell

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Last night while I was reading through some of my favourite blogs I was reminded of Sir Edwin Landseer's stunning painting "The Monarch of the Glen". A friend of mine has a print of this work hanging in her hall and I love looking at it, in fact it moves me to tears (those, I'll never be able to paint like this tears), even in the print you can see the delicate work that goes into sculpting the stags face and yet it is a powerful painting positively oozing with testosterone. Landseer painted a lot of deer on the hills of Scotland and I was actually looking for another of one with hinds on the hillside but sadly haven't found it. Wyoming artist Gary Keimig is planning a painting of a herd of deer he and his wife found when on their journies. And this is what made me think of Landseer, wish I could have found the painting with the hinds to show Gary how Landseer tackled it but I'm looking forward just has much to see Gary's rendering of the subject. The other painting is also a Landseer at it is of a Newfoundland which he is also well known for depicting. In fact the dog's are also know as Landseer dogs.
Well I'm off to do a wee landscape as Aberfeldy will be needing images for the Spring Exhibition Catalogue next week and I'm also planning a large mares and foals painting (which will take a bit longer)....must be Spring fever setting I actually was supposed to up at Perth today but had a change of plans when Mr B's horse Do It For Dalkey was entered by Lucinda to run at Sedgefield this afternoon, finger's crossed for him but more importantly a safe return.
Thanks as always for looking in and have a great day where ever you are.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Acrylic image size approx. 13x11
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
This wee corgi has been hanging at the top of my stairs for quite a while and as I'm just about to start decorating he's really looking for a new home. Can't say why no one love's him cos he is quite a handsome fella. When I started painting full time I painted him to take to dog shows along with paintings of various other breeds to help drum up commission work but while all the others have been long sold this wee orphan remained unwanted.....can you hear the violins in the
There really has to be someone out there who either loves Corgi's or collects dog paintings or even contemplating starting to collect. This is his last chance before being relegated to storage unseen and unwanted but definately too good for the dreaded paint over...totally house trained, won't chew the furniture and doesn't need walked......make me an offer :) Sorry about the hazy photos he's under glass which has made it a bit foggy.

Friday, 5 February 2010


Low Cloud on North Beach
Acrylic 16x16
Available all enquiries should come to me.
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
A promise of Summer to come that will chase away anyone's winter blues. The photo really doesn't do justice to this beach scene, of the rough grasses in bloom on the North Beach at Ardrossan. The clouds are sitting low in the sky with dark clouds coming in from the sea holding rain that never fell.
Thanks for looking in from where ever you are, come back soon, and bring your friends.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Now I know I was a bit of a misery guts this weekend but believe it or not I'm a smiley person. Loads of things make me smile, a song on the radio, an advert on TV, a quote, favourite film, a good book, a breath taking view, I could go on and on the list would be endless. But there are seven things that REALLY make me smile, a warm glowing smile that starts somewhere in your heart and spreads out, heating your whole body so that you can't stop yourself smiling. Family, close friends, my pets, horses, art and Robins I won't believe anyone who sees a little robin darting backwards and forwards doesn't smile. And yes I know that's only six but there are somethings I like to keep just for myself, but they know :)
This wee guy is so fast it's normally so hard to get more than a quick shot at him with the camera but this morning he was virtually posing for me, showing off actually would be better. In fact if I had an SLR camera I would have got the most amazing photos of him landing at my feet then scooting over to the dogs and dancing around them but he was too fast for this one.

Ok...check out my wings I can hold them behind my back

Right get the breast now...and a little profile of my face

He actually followed us back to the car.......think this was the competition of who could hold their breath the longest.... he won LOL. It certainly made my day and I'm still smiling while typing this....hope it made you smile too.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


copyright 2010 Elizabeth McCrindle

You have my permission to tell me too shut up and just get on with it. Though in defence I did say the more you paint the more you learn. Having nothing to lose I decided to broaden between the eyes and the nose and I feel now I've got more of a likeness, so that said I'll plod on a little longer with this and see how it turns patience that's my problem, I want it finished yesterday. Worked more on the eye as well and I'm better pleased with that, the eye is very important to me which is one of the reasons I start there normally when the eye its right everything else falls into place. Well that's my theory :)


Worked a little more last night on the painting and although I'm enjoying it there was a niggle coming in my head that it wasn't quite right. Slept on it and knew for certain when I looked at it this morning it wasn't the mare I'm supposed to be painting. She's a lovely big solid Thoroughbred broodmare while this is a little too delicate, so it's back to the drawing board, sift through the reference photos and come up with a better angle. Going to carry on with this one as someone might love it when it's done and more so cos practice makes perfect and you always learn something with every painting.
Another chilly morning (-5) but enjoyed my walk with the boys, felt like we were the only one's left on the planet even the birds were hiding this morning. Off course had my camera with me so you could enjoy some of the sights with me..........

More frosted corn but with a little more colour too it this morning.

These mini cones caught my eye in the passing, so pretty with their dusting of frost.

There are drains on both sides of the country walk to catch the water coming from the fields and I just loved the icicles hanging from the grasses looks like a mini chandelier :)
Well best be off for now much to be done. Thanks as always for looking in :)
All photographs and images are the copyright of Elizabeth McCrindle

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


A lot happier now working in colour still a longs way to go but I'm pleased with how it's coming on. Probably finished for the day now as it's time to re-stock the cupboards so the Supermarket beckons. Though the temptation as always of the easel might just tempt me again this evening. Be back tomorrow :)


Just started a new portrait of a lovely Thoroughbred mare. Had started to do a rough draft in ultra marine and sienna but stopped and I'll now got back to my normal mode of getting the eye in first and working my way out. I know I should try something different and go 'out of the box' but there's also something to be said of staying in your comfort zone and going the easy route. I'm also thinking about including some smaller studies but wondering if that would make it to crowded......I'll think about it. Feels good to be painting :)) will hopefully update some more progress this evening but if not I'll be here tomorrow.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Today I feel in a much better frame off mind, walking most definately helps when your mood is a little dreicht. Well it certainly helps to improve mine. Yesterday was cold but sunnier and the wind had gone....that made a huge difference, cheeks were just rosey instead of burnished lol. Took myself off to see my wee herd of Highland coos, they are always able to lift my spirits with their shaggy but sweet Had a surprise to find that the herd has had new additions which includes a wee bull he's the top photo...just gorgeous.

Another sharp frost this morning but no sunshine, not much light for photographs but I did like this clump of corn which is growing outside of the the texture, colour was much better in real life but I quite like the photo.

This guy was causing great commotion amongst the other birds particularly the crows. He's a huge buzzard, I've been trying to photograph him for weeks and typically when I've got my camera he's too far away to snap. Take my word for it he's magnificent to see up close. The reason the crows were getting so hot and bothered as yesterday he nabbed one of them, swiped it clean of the hedge it was sitting on...warned Spike and Josh to stay close lol.
Well I've got a board on the easel waiting for me to start and my heart feels ready to create thanks for looking in and pop back soon.

All images are copyright of Elizabeth McCrindle