Thursday, 29 April 2010


Dip in the Hedge
Acrylic 8x6

Still playing catch up with my 100 painting for under 100 GB Pounds this is No.7 and I've got five still to do before I'm where I want to be. After that they'll be posted on Tuesday's and Thursday's throughout the year. I really enjoyed doing this summer landscape and the challenge of creating the various shades of green.
Well this weekend is the May holiday weekend and I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be taking time off on holidays so this weekend will be a sort off down tools for me. Chances are I'll not be able to go four days without painting but I'm going to compromise by not posting and keeping off the computer. There are a million things needing done to take up my time that are constantly put off to paint but I'll also make sure to relax.
Have a great weekend and you guys across the Pond enjoy Derby Day. Won't be shown over here but it's the start of our Classics with the2000 and 1000 guineas from Newmarket so won't be boring.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Fresh Fields
Acrylic 6x7
SOLD to a collector in the USA
Having a much better day at the 'office' today, no wipeouts. I risked life and limb getting the reference photos for this one as it was on the busy A9 road to Perth. I was parked in a lay-by just in case you think I had a total blonde moment. But, I can tell you those big HGV's hurtle along that road and fairly lift your tail feathers with the Whatever crop had been in the fields had been lifted and the new grass was starting to come really was that green, in fact I'd go as far as to say it was brighter. Mind you the dark hill in the backdrop fairly bounced of the fields.
There was one drawback today I was all set to do another wee one to discover I hadn't boards prepared....slap on the wrist for me. You can guess what I'll be doing after I get the supermarket trip done :)
Thanks as always for looking in :)

Monday, 26 April 2010


The Irish Grey Mare
by Sir Alfred Munnings
Well Saturdays painting sadly became a wipeout today, disappointing, maddening all those kind off words. It's not the first and certainly won't be the last but it does take the wind out of your sails for a few hours after it. So... I've made a promise never to call anything a work in progress again, it's definately the kiss of death on a blog to call anything a work in progress. From now on they're just posts...untill I tell you otherwise LOL.
What do I do when something like that happens, usually thump about for a bit, sulk for a bit more. Then.....the scrapbook comes out and I sift through images created by genius. This one above is by my hero Sir Alfred Munnings just gorgeous and then I console myself with the fact that even he would have the odd wipeout or two, then and only then I think tomorrow will be better :)

Saturday, 24 April 2010


Was having a lazy day today thinking it was Sunday. Sitting back watching the racing from Sandown wasn't even a big enough clue for me....old age creeping in lol. Anyways when the penny dropped I said to myself no time to start anything now, when I realised how far behind I was with my paintings. So this is a very rough start of an 8x6 oil on board...just so I can say I painted today. Using my own Tara as a model and the beauty is she poses for nothing....well an apple or a mint and she's any ones :). Looking at it on my screen it looks a bit green but no to worry it's early days, with more paint to flow.
I'm planning on doing larger work this year so these little uns will fit in nicely when I'm taking time outs from the biggies. I'm also going up to Perth this week to gather together some reference photos for the large commission piece I'll be working on. The canvas should arrive the beginning of May....beautiful Belgian Linen. Now thats going to be a scary white mass to look at...eeeekkkkk!!
Well better get to bed as I've had my lazy day and it will be full steam ahead tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

"BRIGHT EYES" (Study of an Arabian foal) OILS ON BOARD 5X7

Bright Eyes
Oils on Board
To a new collector of my work in the USA
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Finally managed to finish the little study of the Arabian foal, I really enjoyed working on it, oils are such a juicy medium to work with. I'm gradually working with them again as I had a reaction to them when I started painting full time. The continued use triggered a reaction to my Asthma, I now use a low odour white spirit and that seems to have helped. That said if that hadn't happened chances are I would never have taught myself to use acrylics, believe me there was much ranting till I figured them out lol.
I've been caught up these last couple of weeks doing paperwork and getting my accounts ready....I haven't been a happy camper. But it's done and now it's catch up time. I'm way behind with my 100 paintings under 100 GB pounds so will try to catch up with them for the next few days. After I've caught up I'm hoping to set aside Tuesday and Thursday as the days they'll be posted on the Blog. So this wee gem is one of my catch up paintings and is No. 5 of the 100 and will appear later this evening. Got to get dinner ready now and horses sorted phew it's never ending. Might take the chance to do a spot of gardening as well......thank goodness for longer light :))

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Oil on board
work in progress
Got back to the easel this afternoon and dabbled with the little portrait study I had started of an Arabian filly. I had originally intended doing it in acrylics but had a change of heart and dusted the oils off. Not quite finished but I'm really pleased with how it's looking had forgot how delicious oils are to work with....I need to do more.


I try to remember to take my camera with me because it never fails that when I don't have it I see something worth capturing. This morning was one of those times when I had it and thought I wasn't going to use it, not that I was really looking out for something to photograph. I was mulling over things, walks are good for mulling, the steady steps seem to clear your head, relax your body and make things clearer in your mind. Thats when my eye caught the dried corn at the side of the path, it's bleached with the cold wind that whips across the fields and down the path but it stands there, upright, a little tattered and mishapen but upright. Then as if on cue the sun peeked out from behind the clouds and shone on it and for a split second it was gold again, showing the promise of what will come. Because come summer green shoots will sprout through and new corn will appear and throw forth it's beauty and bounty. Stuff has been going on this week which has made me wonder about my continued pursuit in my journey as an artist, I know I have a mountain to climb but I'm upright and that dried up clump of corn this morning has shown me that there could still be a promise of things to come.

Friday, 16 April 2010


copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

A Dusting of Snow

Acrylic 8x8


I know we are finally into the swing of Spring but it really isn't unheard of for us in the frozen North to have snow at this time of year, hence todays painting. But today has been bright and sunny though the cold wind reminds us not to 'cast our cloot till May be oot'. I had hoped that tomorrow I would have been at Ayr too scream on Tonto (aka Silver By Nature) to go one better than his grand dam Dalkey Sound in the Scottish Grand National. Alas the God's had other plans and an injury last weekend put paid to the dream.....for this year. Next year he'll be nine years old, stronger and at an age where horses come of age....for Geoff and team Russell dream on :))

Thursday, 15 April 2010


copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Simply Beautiful
Pastel 24x20
I actually think I might have posted this pastel before but it's a particular favourite of mine so it get's another viewing. I can't remember the last time I used my lovely box of Rembrandt's but looking at this makes me think it's been too long.
I'm off to start another busy day, hope you enjoy yours and thanks for looking in.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"TED" Acrylic 8x8 £250- SOLD

copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Acrylic 8x8
Still caught up with 'stuff' and most likely will be at least until next week but hope you can still enjoy these pieces from my archives.
Oh and all you Equine artists that look in to my Blog now and again you might like to have a look at a blog I was invited to take part in. It's been started by Jennifer Morrison another avenue to perhaps show your work.
Thanks as always for taking the time to visit it's really

Monday, 12 April 2010


copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Pastel 14x16
Have 'stuff' going on at the moment so if you can bare with me for a little while I'll post some from the archives to keep things ticking over. There also seems to be some problem at the moment with blogger showing published comments...hopefully it'll sort it's self out.
Off to start the daily
Thanks for looking :D

Sunday, 11 April 2010


copyright Elizabeth McCrindle
Edge of the Field
Acrylic 20x16
SOLD Charity Auction
This is one from the archives. It was sold at a charity auction to raise money for new equipment for the Intensive Care Unit at my local hospital. Happy to say it made a tidy sum for them.
Beautiful sunny day here so I'm off out to enjoy it while it's here and catch up on outside chores while I'm at it.

Friday, 9 April 2010


Well I have at least managed a start today been changing beds and a bit of unfortunately has to be done..sigh! And off course the ummm racing from Aintree was on and I had to have a squidge at that. Just the Grand National tomorrow and I'll be back too normal as I ever get lol.

Quite like this wee head study of a bonnie wee Arabian filly who looks as if she was made from fine china. Have started with a wash using French Ultra and Burnt Sienna and I'll build up from there. Now I've got to get dinner on an Artist's work is never

Thursday, 8 April 2010


Has been a funny old day here and as you can see or not see by the lack of image not a dab of paint was dobbed. Didn't paint yesterday either but that was because for whatever reason I didn't feel like it. Today I fully intended to paint but as I was mulling over what was on the easel my eye caught sight of the box. The box which I keep hordes of reference photos from before digital cameras and even after digital cameras when I was still at the I don't trust CD's stage. The best part of the day was sqirreled away sifting through images and brutally (for me) throwing some out. There were also some family snaps in amongst them which gave me a happy/sad feeling as this would have been Mum's birthday today. But I also found some nice stuff which I'll use over this year, probably, maybe...they've been removed from 'the box' and now reside on 'the pile'.
I also got sidetracked by the racing from Aintree and will no doubt be sidetracked again tomorrow but I already have my painting planned out for tomorrow....because it's Spring it's about time I painted a baby animal....calf or a foal.....well you'll just have to look in to find out :))

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


This is a coming and going painting I've been working on this afternoon its going through all different stages of love and hate, but the fact that I've bravely put it on here means I think I'm getting somewhere with it. My landscapes and my horses, other animals e.t.c. are so different, with landscapes its a looser impressionistic style. The horses have a tighter more realist look, so one of the things I am aiming for this year is to bring each closer. Something to strive for a more painterly style :).
Well now I have to go get the horses sorted for the night and get to the supermarket before we starve but I'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Bluebell Wood Acrylic 16x16 £500- SOLD

Flaxen Hair Acrylic 6x6 £150-

Bella Acrylic 6x6 £150-

These paintings are on show with the Torrance and Aberfeldy Galleries in the Galleries respective Spring Exhibition's. The Torrance Gallery Exhibition runs from 27th March until the 1st May. The Aberfeldy Gallery Spring Exhibtion opens this holiday weekend from 2nd April to the 7th May. There is a lovely selection in both Galleries and well worth a visit.

Lush Pastures Acrylic 24x24 £1200-

Harvest Colours Acrylic 6x6 £150-

Autumn on the Riverbank Acrylic 6x6 £150-

Colours Changing Acrylic 6x6 £150-

Friday, 2 April 2010


Charolais Bull
Acrylic 7x6
Couldn't not finish Pinky's portrait but I'm definately finished now until Tuesday, I'm not even going to look at the easel.
This piece is available only on my 100 Paintings for under 100 GB Pounds Blog. I know I've said this a million times before but the painting is much better in real life. I love painting the Charolais because there coats reflect the surrounding colour so doubt I'll be doing more studies of them throughout the year.
Once again thanks for looking and have a very Happy Easter.


May the blessings of Easter be with you all this weekend, I'm in the process of tying up a few loose ends and then taking the long weekend off. When you are self employed days tend to run into each other and well earned holidays you claimed when someone else was cracking the whip get forgotten. But I've decided to give myself some down time, most likely in the garden if the weather plays ball but whatever it will be
Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are and be back here on Tuesday or else :))

Thursday, 1 April 2010