Monday, 28 June 2010


No. 5

Drookit....Scottish for rather wet!

Thirsty work...a welcome drink after the race

Industrious wee bee

Spike sitting at the door getting a wee breeze
No painting today as I decided to try and tackle the mountain of photographs I've taken over the last few months. I'm normally quite good at keeping them up to date but for some reason have fell behind. Made a little dent today and as always your head goes into over drive with information and paintings you can see flashing before your eyes. Just thought I share one or two :)

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Glint on the Roof's
Acrylic 8x6
off to a new home in Bonnie Scotland
Got my little tweeking done this morning and this sunkissed little painting is ready to go. I have to apologise for falling behind on the 100 paintings. I'm 12 behind by my count so this afternoon I'll cut some new boards and continue with them until I've caught up and then it will be every Tuesday and Thursday. I also aim to start work on my large commission this evening but it might be a little while before I'll have something worth looking at. This is just the planning and seeing if it works stage :). Also have paintings to think about for three charity exhibitions I take part in, so things are going to be exciting for a wee while, certainly worth looking in regularly!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Untitled work in progress
Acrylic 8x6
Felt so good to be back at the easel today, things are'nt finished with my studio clearance but I now have a space for my easel where it will be comfortable to work with the large canvas I'm about to start. I know it was probably sensible to carry on and finish the studio but need to get on with work that is piling up. Plus the withdrawl symptoms were making me twitchy lol. I'll be able to do the rest without disturbing my easel....apart from when I paint the walls but then there will be less to move :). This little landscape still has just a little tweeking to do but I had to stop as hay was being delivered to the yard. Will finish it in the morning :))

Monday, 21 June 2010


Decided I need take some time out and give my studio space a clear out... I will admit to being a horder but enough is enough and I need to re-organise my space. I know my blogs of late have been a bit lapsed which is mostly due to the environment I'm working in so hopefully a good clear out will help clear my head as well :)). Truth be told the whole house needs a major facelift but with a lack of diy knowledge and time I think the best way forward is one room at a time. As I work from home and have to keep making the pennies it's logical to start with 'the office' first. Will be back soon with a tidy space and a clear head to create with...keep smiling!

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Sleepy Sammy

The odd couple if you read my Blog you'll know that Sammy lost his Mum and Rosie was brought in as a substitute Mum. They have bonded together but have to say look quite strange lol.
The handsome Oscar striding out.

Willie practising his bow

Tonto aka Silver By Nature enjoying his summer break from racing

The beautiful Gale who as you can see is looking well after her sad ordeal. She was very happy sharing her paddock with Angies retired mare playing buddy.

Well I've got all the references I need, not too mention inspiration, beautiful horses, stunning landscape you just can't beat it. A lovely couple of hours on a hill in Perthsire putting the jigsaw pieces together for a painting. Mind you all didn't go as smoothly as last time, this time I was engulfed by the group as usual but they just plain refused to play the game of posing. I've got no pockets left after having them rifled by seven greedy faces. They eventually ignored me after the polo mints run out and I managed to get what I needed but it's the last time I take polo mints into a field of horses lol. Little Sammy is coming on well and turning into a bit of a star with newspapers and even a TV crew taking up his and Rosies story. I visited Gale on the way out of the farm where she was sharing what is a very pretty little paddock with Angie's retired mare. She can up to the gate and we shared a little moment together and I just love this photograph of her.

Well having a quiet day today but tomorrow I'll get started for real with some studies just to get colours and postions before starting on the big canvas for long will it take, till it's finished :)) I'll be fitting others in on my spare time lol.

Monday, 14 June 2010


"What You Doing"
Oils on Board 7x6
Had a lovely time today doing this wee painting. Painting named itself with the look in the little filly's eye. She's got that what are you going to be doing to me look.


Was just about to go to bed last night after a relaxing day....well as relaxing as my days get when I had the urge to paint. Didn't really do much until I run out of steam and looking at it now in the cold light of day something doesn't look quite right but I'll give it my best shot theres a kind eye looking at me willing me on.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Last week I recieved a call from a gentleman who has commissoned me over the years to paint his dogs. It's always nice to be remembered but sadly this time the dog had passed away. We arranged a time and I visited on Thursday to go through photographs he had of Bonnie that I could use in the painting. While there I met up with the newest member of the family 7 month old Katie. I have to say this gorgeous young lady charmed me with her stunning looks and fun nature....I'm truly smitten and I just bet you are too.

Katie also helped soften the blow of a very sad week. Those who have been following my blog will know that I am due to start a large commission of a group of horses I call 'the family'. I along with everyone involved have been waiting for the birth of Gale's foal which was a bit overdue. The little filly arrived on Monday but tragically broke her leg, she was operated on Tuesday but sadly had to be put down on Wednesday. Coming so soon after loosing Speedy Geoff's other broodmare it's a terrible blow, my heart breaks so for everyone involved and I can only now write about it. Being involved with horses brings amazing highs but sadly this week has been one of the lows....

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Find the Fence
Acrylic 8x6

Just realised it's been a week since I posted on here, I have been painting but nothing I did deserved to be posted. To be honest I've been a proper misery, just stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with my work but it affects it none the less. People are just way to complicated, art and animals are much easier and for now on I'll divide myself between them. So on to today's painting, it is a rather dreicht unsummery day outside so I thought I'd brighten things up with a summery painting. Things are certainly growing now after a slow start and I enjoyed doing this little rural scene of a fence that has been almost taken over by a hedge and the bramble feelers that entwine it.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


The Blues Boys
Acrylic 6x8
copyright Elizabeth McCrindle

Had an enjoyable day off on Monday spent in the garden getting to grips with some fast growing weeds. How is it that everything seems to be behind in the garden this year, except the weeds. Also cut the grass both front and back which I find very theraputic. Everything is a bit tidier now and I got back to my painting on Tuesday. Have to say I didn't get a whole lot done, was probably not a good idea to interrupt a smaller painting but that said it didn't cause to much of a problem and I knuckled down today and really like the finished article.

The horse is Novice hurdler Donald McCain Jr trained Edge of Town in the paddock at Ayr. I will be concentrating on developing my equine paintngs this year and I am currently accepting commissions and welcome any enquiries.