Thursday, 20 January 2011


"Soft Day"

Acrylic 6x6 on board

Those of you who pop in regulary to the blog will remember me saying I wasn't doing anymore 6x6 paintings. It had been my intention but I've had a few emails and even phone calls asking me to keep doing them. One of my friends said and this is their words not mine "they are wee jewels". Well I ask you who could resist, that and the fact that I found some wee boards I must have cut ages ago hiding behind a frame I moved. Hey I'm a canny Scot no waste lol. so you can look forward to a good few more.



Gary Keimig said...

Very nice elizabeth. Such a pleasing pastoral scene

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gary, glad you enjoyed it!

Linda Shantz said...

So nice to see a nice sunny scene as the snow blows around furiously outside!! :-) I'm going to look at it instead of looking out the window today!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

You know Linda I just knew you would be needing some summer thoughts by voila! tee hee