Thursday, 24 February 2011


Wild Irises one that found a new home.

After a great deal of thought, a couple of sleepless nights and a hellish week where I couldn't create I've decided to stop the 100 paintings for under 100 pounds. As with some things you start it seemed a good idea at the time. It seemed a good way to encourage people to start collecting art. What I didn't allow for was the time it would consume i.e. I would have to actually paint double what I would normally paint and that wasn't allowing for the commissions I also had to work on. My mentor who isn't afraid to tell me as it is pointed out that I was also undervaluing my work plus I had work sitting around doing nothing until I had finished the project. I guess deep down that's what I was thinking too. I made a mistake and I've learnt from it.
Back to a smiling happy face as opposed to a snarling grump.
Footnote:- 100 Paintings under 100 GB Pounds will close on the 6th March


Lynda Schumacher said...

It can be so difficult to back out of something. Sometimes we just struggle to give ourselves permission to change our mind. (Guilty!) I love your little paintings, but I'm glad you are doing what is best for you and consequently will be smiling more. : )

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for being so understanding Lynda. I sometimes feel for the last eight years and possibly before its been everyone else but me (another story). This progress ie internet has it's advantages but it can also be intimidating, it feels like the whole world now knows I made a boo boo :)