Thursday, 3 March 2011


Worked on Sal's portrait today and although progress is a little slow I'm happy with how it is going.......can you tell I love painting horses? When I started painting back when we used cave walls instead of canvas, I worked only in oils and pastels. I have a full set of beautiful Rembrant pastels which haven't seen light of day since before I had a computer, rest assured typing that makes me feel guilty. But I digress from what I was going to say. One of the reasons I am so slow working with oils is when I started working as a full time artist I developed a reaction too them. After years of working with them they started to affect my Asthma. I started using odor free solvents (Bartoline seem to work best) which helped with the breathing, but now it's a stinging sensation on my hands and lips......I swear I'm not eating them. So it's stop and start which can be very frustrating as I love everything about working with them. Perhaps I was bad in a past life and this is pay back. You now know why I use acrylics so much......boy where they hard to master. But just like everything practice makes perfect, you just have to hang in there till you conquer it.
Just in case you haven't noticed I've added pages to the top of the Blog which makes it a bit more like a website. Hopefully this will make your visit here a bit easier. If your looking for horse paintings or landscapes they're easier to find now by checking the page and scrolling through. Just images without my prattling. I've also added one for my photographs, those who have followed my Blog will remember my other blog Images From Scotland. I had stop the blog because it was taking me away from my work, I know that some missed the photos so this is a mini one.
Well I'm off now to bring Tara in and tuck her in for the night, it's so much better now that the days are starting to have longer light. Thanks as always for looking in.
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Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I love how Sal is coming along! So much expression in the eyes.

Funny you have the same problem with oils that I do. Mine is from the oil paint itself. Shame as I dearly love to paint with them.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gail....the eyes are everything to me, if they are right not much else can go wrong....most times lol. I'm not actuallly sure what it is that triggers of the reaction sigh but I'll work at it :)