Sunday, 13 March 2011

"SHADOWS ON THE CORN"....just letting it go!

"Shadows on the Corn"
Acrylic 6x6
from the archives

Not sure if I've posted this landscape before, if I did it must be way back at the beginning of my of my foray into blogging. I know that I'm guilty of saying this is one of my favourites. Truth is their all my favourites if they've reached the stage where I've shared them. I just love the simplicity of it French Ultramarine, Sap Green, Cad. Yellow, a hint of Naples Yellow in the sky and a few dots of Tit. White. Back in 1996 when I started painting full time I had never painted a landscape but I wasn't long in finding that there weren't many galleries willing to take paintings of horses. My first attempts at landscapes were quite frankly awful. But, I kept at it, started to relax, let go and developed a style for the landscapes that's quite different from my equine portraits. A looser more impressionistic feel where every leaf and blade of grass is suggested rather than painstakingly crafted. Now I'm trying to develop so that both styles will merge, it isn't quite there yet but I'll keep at it and fight the urge to paint every hair. Hopefully next year at this time I'll see a difference in the work I post here.
Hope you've had a great weekend and thanks for looking in.

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