Saturday, 19 March 2011


Without counting my chickens or should I say sparrows, it really felt like Spring today. Little touch of frost on the ground followed by sunshine was beautiful taking my walk this morning. But, it was arriving at the yard that I knew Spring had arrived, the boy sparrows (top photo) were letting each other know who was boss and what part of the hedge belonged to who. Serious stuff, don't let the cutesy look fool you they take no prisoners and make one hell off a noise. The fight scenes were all blurred so you'll have to take my word for it. Little princess (bottom photo) pretended not to notice or care and sat demurely on her twig, smile. I'm looking forward to the industrious home making when some of the bolder ones come and steal Tara's moulting winter coat when I'm grooming her. The dashing around looking for insects and such to feed the little ones and finally the wee ones all chubby and fluffy making an appearance. What I don't look forward to is the Magpies snatching some the little ones suffice to say that's nature and we have to accept the good with the bad.
Thanks for looking.

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