Monday, 18 April 2011


Tara was due her flu booster and as vets can't always give a time when they'll arrive I usually do my Spring clean in the yard. Well everything was scrubbed, washed and swept, Tara had two plastic carrier bags of winter hair removed and still no sign of J . So, I scooted off home and grabbed my sketch pad and a pencil, didn't get very far but thoroughly enjoyed my doodling. I've also enjoyed my enforced time off line, phone was sorted today...hence the reason I can write this! I've taken longer walks, pottered in the garden, got more work done at the easel (coming soon), house work and I feel more relaxed than I have for ages. Less could definately mean more........few images below to prove Spring has definately arrived in Scotland.
Spring greens

White Rhody
JUMP!!!!! your having a laugh!

Caught this wee guy unawares this morning would have been better if I had a bigger lens. Was magic too see though :)



Jennifer Rose said...

love the ears above the hedge :D

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

A very nosey Tara, I was in Andra's garden taking photos of the plants and she was following behind the

Linda Shantz said...

So did she? Jump? haha....I think I have a couple of jumper wannabes in these colts this year! The one little guy thinks he's the Easter Bunny!

Love the sketch, too. :-) And have missed you in your absence!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

LOL nope like her Mum as she's got older she's got wiser and takes the long way round :))

Nice to be missed :)