Wednesday, 4 May 2011


"Rough Grasses, Barassie Beach"

Acrylic 6x6

Was up at five of the clock this morning, bright as a button with no chance of falling back asleep I plonked myself at the easel and did this wee 6x6 of Barassie Beach. I often take the dogs for a walk here in both summer and winter. It's quite popular in the Summer months with people as it has a good stretch of sand, in fact you often find horse boxes parked up on the grass, the horses and their owners taking advantage of a gallop alongside the sea and sometimes in it.



suzannepaints said...

Beautiful use of color and design

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Many thanks for the lovely comment Suzanne:)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Sometimes when you wake up really early with no hope of falling back asleep there's nothing for it but to make some coffee or tea and head straight for the easel! I'm glad you did, I love your greens and blues, especially the sky in this. Makes me want to be there!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Karen an artist can't ask for more than someone wanting to walk into there painting :)