Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"Quiet Space" Acrylic 16x16

"Quiet Space"
Acrylic 16x16

After taking care of chores that we artists have to do. Like go to the supermarket to replenish the bare cupboards. I finally managed to finish of the seascape I've been working on, well more of a beach scape. My apologies for the photograph, without blowing my own trumpet it doesn't do the piece justice. It is earmarked for the up and coming Save The Children Exhibition at the Maclaurin Galleries, where along with the other paintings there I hope it finds a new home and helps this wonderful organisation. Thanks for the title of the piece goes to Janey Lazenby one of my artist friends on Facebook who left some name suggestions and a lovely comment...thanks again Janey.

This evening sees the preview of Art Off The Square in Kilbarchan, commitments at home mean I won't manage but as it looks like being a beautiful evening I'm sure it will draw in quite a crowd.

I saw this wee guy this morning on my walk. Perched on top of one of those enormous round bales that pop up every where now ( bring back wee bales) , I couldn't resist snapping his picture. Isn't it funny at times when you do something a memory floods back. I was smiling to myself at the scale of this tiny wee bird against the round bale. A memory of another day came into my mind of me as a wee girl of about six at a family outing at Kilmaurs Show. I was feeling really chuffed with myself having managed to get myself in the saddle of a show jumper while it was waiting for it's class to start. It belonged to someone my Papa knew and I felt like Elizabeth Taylor on The Pie in the Grand National beaming from ear to ear, my Papa turned to my Mum and said "Look at her she's like a pea on a piano"......a bit like that wee


AMBre said...

C'est beau et calme, comme j'aime !
Bravo, Elisabeth, et merci aussi pour la photo.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thank you AMBre, I'm pleased you enjoyed them :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

Hi, Elizabeth, the finished painting is beautiful, and I love the title as well. It evokes such a feeling of calm. I imagine it is really lovely in person (they always are better in person, aren't they?)

I love the story about you as a little girl on the horse, "like a pea on a piano" ... really made me laugh!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Glad you like it Karen yep I always feel the photographs never quite do them justice. It's looking even nicer now that it is in it's frame...a bit like us when we're all spruced
I laughed on and off all day when I remembered that day....good memories!