Sunday, 25 September 2011

Quiet day in the studio......

........wrapping paintings for up and coming exhibitions. "Quiet Space" and "Morning Sun" are off to the Maclaurin Galleries, Ayr on Wednesday. There's a nice little tea room at Rozelle House next door or perhaps a wee visit to Dobbies Garden Centre. Then following Thursday it's handing in for the Retail Trust Art Exhibition, "Hazy Lazy", "Changing" and "Sketch of a Bull Calf" are taking part in that one. It's at Pollockshields Burgh Halls situated in Maxwell Park. I love a wee walk round the park and a visit to the pond, more beautiful autumn colours. And off course while delivering I'll have a chat with artist friends.

"Quiet Space"
Acrylic 16x16 £500-

"Morning Sun"
Acrylic 6x8 £225-

"Hazy, Lazy"
Acrylic 8x8 £250-

Acrylic 6x6 £150-

"Sketch of a Bull Calf"
Acrylic 6x8 £200-


Susan Roux said...

Best of luck with your exhibition. I'd love to take a wee walk around there, but unfortunately it's a bit far!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Susan it's always exciting wrapping them and wondering if it's the last time I'll see them. Yep it's a shame there's such a big 'pond' between us :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

" ... a nice little tea room at Rozelle House next door or perhaps a wee visit to Dobbies Garden Centre." ... sounds heavenly! My kind of afternoon. Best wishes on all your exhibitions, the paintings are beautiful!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Yep you would definately enjoy Dobbies Karen not only a garden centre but an Aladdin's cave of beautiful stuff for your home, gifts, books e.t.c. And it'll already be gearing up for Christmas :)