Friday, 23 September 2011

"Shadow" Acrylic 6x6

Acrylic 6x6 ( on board)

Took reference photographs of this pretty boy last week and managed to get myself bogged down doing it. Was most embarrassing for a seasoned country girl like me to end up well and truly stuck in the sheugh. Sheugh by the way, for you non Scots is a scottish word for a grass verge on a country road or a ditch. I should have known with all the rain we had been having it was going to be a bit soggy. Sunday morning, first thing, which meant there wasn't another living soul for miles around. Off course all the moos arrived at the gate for a look and a laugh, plus two wee accusing furball faces at the back window. After a few attempts trying to go back then forward with no traction either way I noticed a bundle of old feed bags. Just the ticket, stuffed them front and behind the wheel and prayed. Bit of a slither and I was on firm ground, not very clean mind you but free. Needless to say I won't be doing that again in a hurry lol.
Got some good photos though so all was not lost. And the end result is a nice wee painting for the moo collection. Quite sure this fella is an Aberdeen cross, though he might just be full Aberdeen.
Thanks for looking in.....



Karen M Schmidt said...

Oh, dear! I must say I sympathize with your plight, though, as that has happened to me in my own yard, before we built our driveway ... used a sack of kitty litter to get myself out, LOL. Oh well, as long as you got good photos, I guess it was worth it! Beautiful painting! I love all that luscious green, and lovely dimensions of color in the black.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

LOL laughed at that Karen getting bogged on your own drive. I'm thinking it took a wee while to live that one down :)
Like the way this one eventually turned out but was hard going for a bit. These wee ones are good learning curves :)