Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm Watching You..........

Ok I admit it......withdrawl symptoms set in today, I do miss posting on my blog. I have been having a great time clearing out rubbish artwork that should never be allowed to see the light of day again. Add to that shredding papers that I seem to have been collecting since god knows when....have to say it has a calming effect. Unfortunately the weather has been awful so haven't managed to get into the garden. I'm keeping my fingers crossed next week will at least be dry and I can get my grass cut for the last time this year. Some of the pieces that were on hardboard/MDF I've in chopped into smaller pieces and gessoed. The above is what is left of one of the few portraits I've done. I actually turned it over to chop it up so as she wasn't looking at Was a surprise when I came to gesso the pieces that her face was still complete. Being a proper softy I just couldn't white those eyes out so she now sits on the corner of the book shelve watching me.
Have also been painting....some good, some feels like a holiday and a slower pace, that can only be a good thing....bye for now!

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