Monday, 17 October 2011

"Wild Bouquet" Acrylic 6x8

"Wild Bouquet"
Acrylic 6x8 (on board)
£190- unframed (shipping free)
£225- framed

A little bit of summer to take the edge off the horrible rain and wind battering us at the moment. I love finding these little pockets of wild flowers. These were on my morning walks growing alongside the path. I love the contrast between the shadow and light.


Karen M Schmidt said...

Beautiful light and shadow in this ... I love wildflowers, too! We're having a dreary day today; though the rain is welcome, I don't like the grayness. This wildflower painting is just the thing to brighten my morning!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Glad it brightened your day...had the same effect on me while painting it. One of the benefits of being an artist we can turn the studio into whatever season we want :)

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

I agree it's a wee gem. Great summer effect triggered all the summer memories in me :D

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I was needing a summer effect too.....job done :))

Rolina said...

Just what I need too - it has turned unbelievably cold here :(

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Cold and wet here Rolina not a good combination!