Thursday, 24 November 2011

"Fading Light" Acrylic 6x8

"Fading Light" Acrylic 6x8 £190- unframed from the studio. Not even a hint of snow here at the moment this is inspired by images I took last year. I love the winter skies most especially as the day closes down. I loved to stand in the yard looking over the fields watching the light fade and the lights from the town starting to sparkle. Now that could be an idea for another I miss tucking Tara in for the night at this time of year. Her waiting for me at the gate, her breath in the air. The soft melodic sound of her eating and the sweet smell of hay.
Thanks for looking in.......


jane augenstein said...

Brrrrr! Looks cold! We don't have any snow here either, it did spit some a week ago. We've had lots and lots of rain and mud! Gilly of course has covered himself and thinks he looks grand!
Love you painting as always, gorgeous!!!
Have a wonderful day! :-)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

We've been getting our fair share of rain too Jane but it's very mild for the time of year. Hope your'e having a lovely Thanksgiving :)