Sunday, 20 May 2012

Halexia....a work in progress

Did a little more work on the study of wee Halexia. Was supposed to be just a rough sketch but as always my hand got carried away. I am aiming in keeping it to just loose washes but you know what hands are like......
Rest of the day turned out pretty warm....leaping back in amazement, so I worked in the garden. Took out an Azalea that just wasn't ever going to be anything and another shrub which I can't remember it's name. I amazingly found a rose which had been forgotten, swamped by other things. At one time the whole of the garden at the front was filled with roses but I took them all out when Dad died (high maintenance) and they are all still florishing up at Andra's as far as I know. This is one of two that were given to my parents on their golden wedding anniversary. I won't know until it flowers (if it flowers) but it's either called 'Golden Wedding' or 'Princess of Wales'.
I also got visited by unwanted vermin in the shape of a rat...yeugh! Was washing dishes and happened to look out and there it was bold as brass in the bird feeder. Hopefully it's passing through after losing it's way.....or it's toast!
Hope you had a great weekend where ever you are......

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