Saturday, 19 May 2012

In the garden.....

First blink of sunshine for a few days, add to that it's the weekend so I took time off and spent it in the garden. Still a little cold for the time of year but once I got too digging and hoeing I wasn't long in heating up. Plus the wind we were getting was hitting the front of the house so I was sheltered. My neighbour is on holiday for a few days so I'm looking after her young plants which still need covered in the evening. A couple of these photos are from her garden.
Top photo was a nosey moo which suddenly discovered he could see me through the slatted fence. In fact if I had brought my camera out at the beginning I would have got a sea of faces peering through at me. They got bored when they discovered there was nothing for Second is a one legged starling who visits when there's food going. He/she seems to manage well enough with a missing limb. Number three is from Helen's garden, she has lots of quirky things in her garden I love this old wringer. Number four some would say a glorified weed, it's at the top of the garden where the most work is needing down. For now it can stay and it is pretty. And number five is Helen's huge hostas looking stunning in the sun.
Off now to put my feet up and a flick through a on the TV.....sigh!
Hope you've had a sunny day where ever you are.....

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