Monday, 4 June 2012

Zac the lurcher a work in progress

Zac acrylic 8x8 work in progress

Worked a bit on the study of Zac this afternoon, I'll be honest and say it really wasn't deliberate that I did him on a blue background. Truth is I had actually intended doing a landscape the day I started him and just used the board that was already prepared. Have to say I'm glad I did as I think it really compliments him.
Beautiful day here today and the two photos below were from my walk this morning prove it. It would seem that Scotland is getting the best of the weather if yesterday's viewing of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations are anything to go by. The flotilla of boats on the Thames got it pretty soggy but what a trooper the Queen is, at 86 years young she stood waving too all that past for the whole 90 minutes. 


Karen M Schmidt said...

I love these summer photos! especially the road going under the bridge ... is that a train bridge, or just a road?And the portrait of Zac is coming along beautifully ... I love seeing your progress :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

It was a rail bridge, coal train if I remember correctly but it's now defunct and the farmer uses it to move feed to his cows.
Zac's all finished now and I'm just going to post him on the blog :)