Friday, 31 August 2012

"Softy" Oils 6x6

Oils 6x6

All done at last, it's taken me a little while to get back into the way of using oils after working exclusively with acrylics, I feel so slow. I'll still be using acrylics from time to time so no worry to everyone who enjoys them. I love the look on this boy's face he was actually very interested in the polo mints he knew I had.
Can't believe we are on the last day of August my has this year flown by I haven't even been able to get out and about with my camera. Never mind September can be one of the prettiest.
Thanks for looking in......

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Not much work in progress.....

Not much further on with this wee one but not too worry I haven't been slouching around. Working my way through paperwork and coming up with ideas for other paintings. I do enjoy painting these wee 6x6's they teach you a lot. But, I do have the urge to do larger pieces so thats something for us all to look forward to.
Was a very chilly start here to the day and although it brightened as the day went on the strong wind kept up. I fear Summer if that's what we had was called is slipping away in fact as I shut the blinds for the evening I'd swear there was a hint of frost on the roof of the car.......I think I read somewhere today that it's only 118 days to Christmas....bah

Friday, 24 August 2012

Little done...working progress oils 6x6

Not much time been spent at the easel these past two days but managed to get a couple of hours this morning. What time I am having is a little frustrating I feel a complete beginner working in oils. Fumbling about taking out and putting in trying to mix colours but all that said I'm enjoying it....oils are so forgiving. I shall carry on after lunch who knows might find the flow and get this one done.......

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Work in progress....

Managed to start another wee horsey painting in oils with the subject matter being the lovely Ranger (Do It For Dalkey). He was being rather nosey when this photo was being taken but I like the contempory feeling that's created with editing the pose into a 6x6 square. I'll be doing a few studies of horses over the coming weeks all shapes and sizes. Hope you'll keep looking in and share with anyone you think might enjoy them.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Still Alive and Kicking.....

Thought maybe I should touch base so you all know I'm still to the fore. Did manage back at the easel today but nothing to show. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a bit more forward with some ideas I'm developing. We have been having some lovely weather of late. Something of a late Summer, though that said there is also a definate change in the air and a shortening of daylight hours. Just subtle but there never the less. I notice it in the garden as well with some plants throwing everything into their last flush before dying back their season spent. Soon be time to start cutting back shrubs, clearing the borders and planting up pots with Spring bulbs. They'll rest quietly through the Winter and burst forth in the new year.
Hoping your weather is as you want where ever you are, look in tomorrow for something from the easel....

Sunday, 12 August 2012

"Kind Eye" Oils on board 6x6

"Kind Eye"
Oils on Board

I had promised myself a day off today as this was the last day of the Olympics. Then I thought of all those Olympians who have taken part in London 2012. I bet there were many times when they were finely tuning their talents they wanted a day off but didn't. Ok it's just a wee 6x6 not a huge challenge, but, I've completed it and what I've learnt will improve the next and the one after that. Tomorrow I can start afresh. Enjoy the closing ceremony today. Salute in your heart those who have taken part in London 2012 and take inspiration from their courage and determination, win or lose it's the taking part.
Thanks as always for looking in....

Friday, 10 August 2012

Work in Progress #1 continued...

Following on from yesterday I'm carrying on with this wee study. Originally I had intended to do it in acrylic but this morning I had a hankering of oils. That off course meant a little change around, I've learnt by past mistakes to move everything I use i.e the water, brushes, paints e.t.c I use with acrylics well out of my reach. Water dishes especially no matter how you clean them get ruined for using with acrylics if you dip a oil loaded brush in them. After an awkward start....takes a wee bit getting used to oils after using acrylics the paint flowed.
The garden now beckons as summer seems to have arrived...for now anyway.
Have a great weekend where ever you are and don't work too hard.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Work in progress #1

"Work in progress #1"

Well I did say I thought it was about time I painted a horse. This as you can see is a part of a horse but it is a start and it's the best part...the eye. I better say right now that things could get a little confusing because the horses take a bit longer than rattling up a wee landscape. Add to that it would appear at the moment I have the attention span of a goldfish. Someone was brave enough to suggest that I had reached the age when that starts to happen....I kept the blood down to the! Theres a chance they could be right so as my attention wanes on one I'll put it aside and start another. Well the plan seems good on paper we'll see how it goes. Thanks as always for looking in....

Monday, 6 August 2012

"Big Movers" Acrylic 6x6

"Big Movers"
Acrylic 6x6

Not quite sure how I managed to produce this wee landscape today I must have been on remote control. It's pretty much impossible to concentrate on anything in this household with the Olympics on all day. Today was the cherry on the cake watching team GB take Gold in the Show Jumping, real edge of the seat stuff. Mind you yesterday it was Andy Murray...more tears. In fact between the rowing, tennis, three day eventing, cycling, sailing e.t.c I've cried so much at interviews and medal presentations that there's now a permanent rainbow over the house. I've dragged myself away to put this on the blog and I've also cut and primed some boards. Thing it's about time I painted a horse again....or maybe two or three. Dressage tomorrow (sigh) hopefully I'll survive on highlights.

Friday, 3 August 2012

"August's Glow" Acrylic 7x7

"August's Glow"
Acrylic 7x7

Hard to believe that August is here, where did all the other month's go? Perhaps the confusing weather we have had has been the culprit in making us beleive we didn't get a Summer. That said I like this time of year when the greens start to calm down a little and the ochres start to sneak in. Hopefully we still have a few more warm days to come....we live in hope :)