Friday, 10 August 2012

Work in Progress #1 continued...

Following on from yesterday I'm carrying on with this wee study. Originally I had intended to do it in acrylic but this morning I had a hankering of oils. That off course meant a little change around, I've learnt by past mistakes to move everything I use i.e the water, brushes, paints e.t.c I use with acrylics well out of my reach. Water dishes especially no matter how you clean them get ruined for using with acrylics if you dip a oil loaded brush in them. After an awkward start....takes a wee bit getting used to oils after using acrylics the paint flowed.
The garden now beckons as summer seems to have arrived...for now anyway.
Have a great weekend where ever you are and don't work too hard.


Sara said...

I really enjoy seeing the works in progress.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Sometimes when I'm writing my blog I wonder if people like to see the progress or if they'd rather cut to the chase and see the finished piece. So thanks for letting me know you like to see them develop :D