Thursday, 29 November 2012

"Brisk Barassie" Acrylic 8x8

"Brisk Barassie"
Acrylic 8x8
On Tuesday I played hooky from the studio for an hour and took myself down to the nearest beach. After all the rain the winter sunshine was a welcome change. I say winter sunshine because although the sun shone there was no heat in it. That said the brisk wind coming in with the tide was refreshing, ok maybe a little too I like Barassie, because although it's open there's also a lot off interest from the grass dunes, the sandy beach and the coastline towards Irvine. Off courseTroon is next door and Arran in all her moods is very paintable. But for today its the beach, the tide and the grass dunes lit by the winter sun......the others I'll keep for another day.
Thanks as always for looking in.....

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"Snow Blowing In" Acrylic 6x6

"Snow Blowing In"
Acrylic 6x6

This wee one is untitled at the moment as I've probably used up every snowscene title there is so will have to give it some thought. Any suggestions would be welcome :))
Thanks as always for taking a look......

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Back to the drawing board......the end is near...

Just managed a little this evening but we are nearing the end. It's a bit like getting to the end of a good book. You want to know the outcome but don't want it to end.....

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Back to the Drawing Board.....

Still working away in the background with pieces I can't show just yet but took a wee break this morning and worked on the drawing I started last week off the moo. I'm really loving working on this one trying to capture all the different textures and directions her coat takes.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Injured Jockey Club Fund Christmas Card....

Winter Wonderland - Peter Smith
Here I go again mentioning Christmas and November only part the way through. This time though it's for a good cause. The first Injured Jockey Club Christmas card I remember was when someone sent us a card with a painting on it by Susan Crawford. It was of Red Rum on the beach at Southport and I still have it in my scrapbook of paintings. I squirreled it away as soon as my mother took the cards down and before it was recycled in the bin. I can't remember how many years I've been buying them since (and I'm not sure I want too) but each year I get excited waiting to see whose work will be used. This year it's the work of an artist I've admired for many a year, Peter Smith. Both cards are typical of his work, full of colour and movement. So if you haven't yet bought your Christmas cards these are on sale from the Injured Jockey Fund website at £7.50 for a packet of 10 

Soft Light, Hard Frost - Peter Smith

Saturday, 17 November 2012

A less frantic path........

Those who follow my blog regularly will remember that I posted at the beginning of this month that I had reached my 800th blog. Well that got me thinking about the time I spend on my computer. I love blogging and since the very first post I was hooked. I enjoy sharing my paintings, my photos and my thoughts. I know there are those out there who also love Facebook, Twitter, the Pin thingy and Google +. I know everyone and their Granny is into social networking. I also know that some are able to use all these things to sell their work. But after trying very hard over the last few years the only thing I seem to have achieved is losing time from my day that could be better spent. That's not to say I haven't enjoyed 'meeting' some lovely people. I've appreciated all the lovely comments but feel the need to step away and take a less frantic path.
At the moment I'm working on commissions that for now I don't want to share ( but will asap), hence the photos of my wee feathered friends. They are having a great time on their new feed station. I normally hang their feeders on the cherry blossom tree but it's been so wet the grass was taking a beating. This is also a bit nearer the house, a better chance at some good
I'm also delighted to have been asked to take part in a group exhibition next year at the Aberfeldy Gallery. Myself, Stanley Bird, Sharon Mitchell and John Davie will exhibiting in August 2013, seems a long way away but I'll need 10/15 paintings so my thinking cap is already on.
Time though to relax for the rest of the day and watch the racing from Cheltenham. Thanks as always for popping in...... 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Torrance Gallery Christmas Exhibition 1st December 2012 - 12th January 2013

These four will soon be taking a trip up to Edinburgh to take part in this years Christmas exhibition at the Torrance Gallery. The exhibition runs from 1st December 2012 until 12th January 2013.

"Dancing Irises"
Acrylic 16x16

"Somethings Brewing"
Acrylic 8x8

"Last Blink"
Acrylic 6x6

"Beach Grasses"
Acrylic 6x6

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The therapy is working.......

Spent the beginning of the working day on what I thought would be a no problem landscape. It never pays to think as it was on and off so often I think if I ever get it done I'll call it Yo Yo. That said every painting is a learning curve and looking at what's still on the easel perhaps I'll be able to work a wonder on it tomorrow. So, rather than fret I just carried on with my new therapy.....a pencil and a sketch pad. I have to say I'm really enjoying this drawing each stroke of the pencil is like opening another piece of the :))
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Never too early for Christmas....

I was enjoying reading Sarah's blog at Mama Craft a little earlier. She was sharing photos of a lovely weekend break she had and how she visited a wonderful shop which was filled with Christmas treasures. She hoped it wasn't too early to start thinking about Christmas. Well today I couldn't resist this jolly wee Santa's never too early for Christmas. Ermm I also couldn't resist a lovely Poinsetta or the DVD of Bill Murray in was on offer :D
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Monday, 5 November 2012

Back To The Drawing Board

The saying 'back to the drawing board' is usually uttered when something has gone wrong. Nothing I've been painting at the moment pleases me, and with commissions on the go things are a bit fraught. So, today I decided enough is enough and literally got 'back to the drawing board'. I had a look through my photos and picked a lovely moo to draw. It's just a part of her face with the emphasis on her eye. The fact that there is no pressure has made it an enjoyable afternoon so I think this will be a week of paper, pencil and rubber and getting back to basics.
Thanks as always for dropping in for a!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Post No. 800......

"November's sky is chill and drear,
November's leaf is red and sear."
- Sir Walter Scott
** Can't believe it but this is my 800th post**