Sunday, 27 January 2013

Oscar - a sketch in oils

Oscar - a sketch in oils 8"x10"
This is the first of a few sketches I'll be doing of Oscar and his relatives. They will eventually make up into larger paintings that have been stopped, started and mulled over (and destroyed) in the past two years. We artists can be a sensitive bunch, I dare say it's part of who we are, and what gives us an edge when creating. It also means when things are not going well in other avenues of our life that same sensitivity can be overwhelming. I'm glad to say the sun is peeping out in my life now and this year holds much promise.
I started this sketch on a spare piece of mdf and the intial wash was done with arylics (Burnt Umber). This morning I carried on in oils, As this is only intended to be a sketch the board hasn't been primed. If you are thinking of painting on mdf I would advise priming it with a clear primer first as it tends to absorb the oils. Was a most enjoyable hour passed and I'm pleased enough with the result though I might do a little more....good practice.


c.dingman said...

Nice job on the anatomy. So natural. Look forward to seeing the other studies and finished commission.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Carlene having a love of your subject helps, I'm looking forward to sharing my progress :)