Friday, 31 May 2013

"A Grey Racehorse with Lad up" ~ Sir Alfred Munnings

An early post today as I know there won't be much work accomplished today or tomorrow even. For those not in the know it's The Derby weekend and today it's the fillies classic The Oaks. A safe run too all and may the best girl win. Talking of the best I thought I'd share something from the Master...."A Grey Racehorse with Lad up" by Sir Alfred Munnings.....

Thursday, 30 May 2013

"Summer Clouds" Acrylic 6"x6"

"Summer Clouds"
Acrylic 6"x6"
After yesterdays exertions digging in the garden, it's a relief to sit at the easel today. It's amazing how after the slow start the landscape around us is now so fresh and green. I love these big puffy clouds even if some of them will carry some rain. Mind you even the rain is different, this morning Buddy and I got caught in a heavy shower. As we reached the rail bridge, a bicyclist we meet every morning was taking shelter to change into his rain gear. "Rain again", I said. "Aye, but at least it's warm rain hen", he replied in a true stoical Scottish fashion. I smiled in agreement and walked on.
Where ever your reading from I hope your rain is warm...thanks for looking in.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Work in progress - "Tara's Eye"

Worked on "Tara's Eye" today. You might remember I started this way back at the beginning of May. With one thing or another I got a little side tracked but this afternoon I put it on the easel and got stuck in. I had thought about continuing it in oils but decided to carry on in acrylics. Going very slowly as I don't want to over do it, for now I'm just doing thin washes. Trying not to over think too much and just let the paint flow.........can be easier said than done!

Monday, 27 May 2013

"A good holiday is over when you begin to yearn for your work." ~Morris Fishbein

Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Models....

Today some new arrivals or should I say models took up resisdence in the field beside my country walk. Much as I'm sure they will make good models I still miss the White family (the Charolais). It was always such a joy to see the new babies and reacquaint myself with the Mum's and Peter the bull. These guys are out of Charolais stock but are crossbreed bullocks. Shy at the moment but it won't take long before they come closer for a nosey.....

Saturday, 25 May 2013

May holiday weekend

It's the May holiday weekend and I'm downing tools (well art tools) and taking time out. Started today by cutting the grass at the back of the house. Bliss just clearing your mind to the humming of the lawn mower. Buddy came out after the mowing was done and enjoyed looking for mouses....I swear that dog is a cat in! Here's hoping the weather stays fine....

Hope you enjoy yourself in whatever the weekend brings for you. Thanks for looking

Friday, 24 May 2013

Hand-in at the Maclaurin

"Something's Brewing"
Acrylic 8"x8"

"Cloud's Gathering"
Acrylic 16"x16"
A pleasant morning was had dropping off my work at the Maclaurin Galleries. My good friend Jane also had paintings to enter for the new venture The Maclaurin Open Fine Art Exhibition. It was also lovely to meet up with our friend Helen Turner who is at the forefront of organising this lovely show. There has been a great response to it and a big entry of work which is good for the Gallery. The work will be going through a selection  process so now everything lies in the laps of the gods as we wait for a yes or no answer. We also popped into Gallery One to have a look at another new venture a monthly Artist Showcase. Each month three Ayrshire based artists will be given the oppertunity to exhibit six paintings in the relocated gallery craft shop. I'm pleased to say I've been asked to exhibit in November, though I don't know who I'll be exhibiting with yet. Exciting!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

"Yacht's, Portencross" Acrylic 6"x6"

"Yachts, Portencross"
Acrylic 6"x6"
Enjoyed this one and was transported back to the day I visited Portencross and got these images. It was about as cold and breezy as it is today only difference being it was the beginning of December then, not the end of May. Used a little artistic license with the yachts as there weren't any about on that day.
Thanks as always for looking in, hope you are having calmer seas where ever you are.....

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Good day at the office

"Silver Sands"
Acrylic 6"x6"
sold through the Framework Gallery

"Middle of Somewhere"
Acrylic 6"x6"
sold through the Framework Gallery

"In the Purple"
Acrylic 6"x6"
Sold through the Framework Gallery
Pretty good day today, scooted down to Troon to visit the Framework Gallery and pick up some paintings that were being framed. They looked fabulous. Peter at the Gallery was holding on to the three above to hang in the gallery but when I arrived I was in for a surprise. Two were already sold and off to a new home and the other was on hold waiting for it's possible new owner coming in to view it in the flesh. Was a real sunny bunny and to celebrate took Buddy down to the beach for his first beach trip. He did real good and throughly enjoyed himself. Now it's head down and on to create more plus work on larger commission!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Blog.....

Back near the beginning of my venture into blogging and before Facebook and Twitter e.t.c I had three blogs. This one was my original and for me my most loved. I deleted the other two when I started using Facebook but have now decided to start with them again. Facebook for me is getting increasingly difficult to work and I actually find it stressful. There is a link to both blogs on the tab above.
I'll also put a link to them below :-
This is my Scotland is a photo blog
Elizabeth McCrindle Just My Art  for those who are really just interested in the art

I hope you'll pop in for a look and hopefully enjoy. This off course will always be my main blog for sharing what's going on in the studio and sometimes out of it.....Elizabeth

Monday, 20 May 2013


No painting today had to catch up on work in the garden. While the sun shone. Who would have thought that painting a garden fence could make your body ache so much...ouch!

Sunday, 19 May 2013

"On the Coast" Acrylic 6"x6".....

"On the Coast"
Sold through the Framework Gallery
Really wanted to post something today. So, although this is less than perfect a lesson will have been learnt. That is somewhere in the fuzz of my tired brain. I'm not promising but I am making a concentrated effort to post almost every day.......

.....after a good night's sleep I looked at the wee painting with fresh eyes and really quite like it. Note to self don't write blog posts when half!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

"Gathering Clouds" Acrylic 16"x16"

"Gathering Clouds"
Acrylic 16"x16"
Finished this one today and I'm rather pleased with it, if I say so myself. So much so that I've decided to enter into the Maclaurin Gallery's first Open Fine Art Exhibition. Cutting it a bit fine (as usual) as the closing entry date is Monday. I think it will mean a trip down to Rozelle to hand in the forms rather than trust Royal Mail getting them there in time. There are some rather nice prizes including a solo exhibition at the Maclaurin up for grabs. I'll be thrilled if my work makes it through the selection!
Took the below photo of Buddy this morning, I know I'm a little biased but he really is a photogenic wee well as being a cheeky wee rascal. You might not have noticed but I've re-started my photo blog. I'd really rather keep this Blog for my paintings, so if you think you'll start to miss the photos you can always join the blog at or follow the link at the top of the page.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Available through The Framework Gallery.....

"Middle of Somewhere"
Acrylic 6"x6"

"Silver Sands"
Acrylic 6"x6"

"In the Purple"
Acrylic 6"x6"

Acrylic 6"x6"

"Harvest Hedgerow"
Acrylic 6"x6"

Took myself down to Troon on Monday afternoon with a handful of paintings to the Framework Gallery. As well as being a beautiful gallery, Peter Foyle and his team carry out bespoke framing to a very high standard. Framing is a very important part of showcasing your work and in the right hands can turn a good painting into a great one. I had six down for framing three of which will stay at the Gallery in the hope of finding a forever home. Certainly the beautiful frames will show them off to their full advantage. So if you find yourself in the area be sure to pop in and see them for real, you'll get a warm welcome.
Thanks for looking in.....

Thursday, 9 May 2013

"I get so excited over sunsets and rainbows etc, when you see them it's like you can shut out the real world and envelop yourself in a beauty that almost makes it feel like fantasy." ~Mrs. Ron Harris

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Glorious Day.....

Things should have got back to normal today after the holiday weekend. But, Summer arrived this morning and I just had to grab myself some garden time. This time last week there was hardly a sign of fresh green. Today, it was popping up everywhere, right from my early morning walk. Weather forcast isn't too good for tomorrow but if the sky tonight is anything to go by, should be something of the same.
Wherever you are hope it's a good one....
** Just missed the witching hour this is actually Tuesday's post **

Monday, 6 May 2013

"Catching the Morning Sun" has a new home....

Was on a trip to Edinburgh this morning picking up from the Torrance Gallery at the close of the Spring show. Have to say was a lovely drive and felt quite Summer like. The added bonus being "Catching The Morning Sun" below found itself a new home. I hope it will give much happiness and joy to the new owners.

 Buddy off course came too, this being his furthest trip so far in the car. I'm proud too say he was a wee gem and took it all in his stride. He slept on and off and occasionally I could see him out the corner off my eye looking out the window at the world whooshing past.
This was also the May holiday weekend aand it's back to normal routine tomorrow.....thank goodness, holidays can be so confusing.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

"There's always a period of curious fear between the first sweet-smelling breeze and the time when the rain comes cracking down." ~Don Delillo

Friday, 3 May 2013

"Tara's Eye" a work in progress....

Yesterday would have been Tara's 19th birthday and next month it will be two years since I lost her. I still miss her hugely but not with the same ache. Seems right now to paint her, and what better than as the first in a series of paintings featuring eyes. She had the most wonderful eye, warm and welcoming. This is a light wash done in acrylics to get me started but the plan is to now carry on in oils. Haven't set myself a target as too how many, I'll just go with the flow. Horses, cattle and dogs maybe even cat's now that I have a good model in Charlie my aunt's!
Holiday weekend here but apart from watching the first of the Classics from Newmarket I'll probably be at the easel. Hoping my friends across the pond get a chance to put their feet up and watch their 'run for the roses' I'll have to wait and see a re-run.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013