Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New Blog.....

Back near the beginning of my venture into blogging and before Facebook and Twitter e.t.c I had three blogs. This one was my original and for me my most loved. I deleted the other two when I started using Facebook but have now decided to start with them again. Facebook for me is getting increasingly difficult to work and I actually find it stressful. There is a link to both blogs on the tab above.
I'll also put a link to them below :-
This is my Scotland is a photo blog http://this-is-my-scotland.blogspot.co.uk
Elizabeth McCrindle Just My Art  for those who are really just interested in the art http://elizabeth-mccrindle-just-my-art.blogspot.co.uk

I hope you'll pop in for a look and hopefully enjoy. This off course will always be my main blog for sharing what's going on in the studio and sometimes out of it.....Elizabeth

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