Friday, 11 October 2013

Changes are afoot....

I know that to some there probably doesn't look as if much has changed in the portrait but the background had been giving me grief. And the right eye (that's our right) was much too bug eyed and needed softening. As I've got older I don't do grief as well as I used too small things can become big issues. Silly I know but getting in a strop has been

Frost arrived yesterday morning. Just a little ground frost in shaded areas but a warning never the less that the glorious days we've had are in retreat. Thankfully most of my Spring bulbs are in but I better get the rest done over the weekend.

The fuzzy head of this willowherb just about sums up my head at the moment. All that twisting and turning not to mention the cotton wool. I need a change, so, after I've completed my remaining commissions I'll close the order book. Don't actually have an order book but you get my! And then, just paint anything and everything that takes my fancy.......sounds like a head clearer!