Monday, 25 November 2013

Torrance Gallery Christmas Exhibition 30th November - 11th January 2014

"Summer's Flush"

"Ripple Through the Meadow"

"Morning Sun"

"Study of a Bay Mare"
Journeyed up to Edinburgh this morning with these four for the Christmas show at the Torrance Gallery in Dundas Street. We are starting to get that wintery feel now, motorway signs flashing about cold temperatures and icy conditions and fog. Was actually quite pleasant in Edinburgh, sunny even.
This one is back on the easel. I had intended making it a finished painting but now think I'll just make a few more suggestive strokes and leave it. Something to relax over tomorrow :) 


Victor Errington said...

Hi Elizabeth.
All paintings are fantastic. If I had to pick a favourite, It would be Morning sun, but it is difficult because they are all brilliant. And the Horse, well, amazing. all the best Elizabeth.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Vic it's much appreciated :)

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I've always loved A Ripple through the Meadow. Hope it finds a good home!

Tara's eye is gorgeous!

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Gail I hope it does too.

Tara had the most amazing eyes glad I have so many photos and memories of her to use....