Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Much needed clear out.....

Yesterday I made a small dent in a major clear out that is needed. Over the years stuff just seems to arrive in this house but nothing ever leaves. Add to that there comes a point when you don't no where to start the clearing. But something snapped and in my usual gung ho fashion I decided to move the bookcase from the room I call my studio. No easy and also the sudden realisation that perhaps the said bookcase would disintegrate leaving me with more rather than less mess. As it turned out armed with my new drill and some screws it survived it's move and now resides in my brother's room, home to his collection of DVD's which caused the snap...smile! Some of my books are also back in their old home but decisions will have to be made as to where the others will go and what can be culled :(
During the move two things were discovered behind the bookcase. Well there was actually more than two but only two of interest. The first above is a nice wee portrait of a Setter done in Acrylics straight onto MDF it measures 5"x 4.5" and yesterday I offered it up as a freebie on Facebook. Same applies on here anyone who fancies the chance of winning an original McCrindle just send your name and email address to emccrindleart@hotmail.co.uk I'll be making the draw on Friday 28th February.

The other item is one of those things you treasure to remind you of a special day. It hung on the bookcase as a kind of talisman until one day a few years back I realised it had gone. Now it's hanging on my easel where I hope it will work it's magic on my brushes. 


Dean H. said...

A beautifully done Irish Setter, Elizabeth!!
It's amazing how much "goodies" can build up. Congratulations on your clearing out! :)

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Thanks Dean yes things do seem to creep up on us when we aren't looking. I feel I have made a minor dent on the clearing but eager to continue :)