Monday, 24 March 2014

"Outward Tide" Acrylic 6"x6"

"Outward Tide"

This little one is also taking part in the Aberfeldy Gallery's Spring show. In fact I had to rush it through yesterday. When I was wrapping I realised that one of the paintings I was taking had already been to the Gallery. Old age as they say doesn't come!
I sometimes look in amazement at these little seascapes I produce now. It wasn't long ago when I would never have considered them, thinking they were beyond me. Well maybe not beyond me but I never thought of myself as having an affinty with the sea. Just goes to prove if you don't try you don't succeed.
Thanks for looking.....


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Always love your seascapes!

Sometimes when we break out of our comfort zones we find that we were really confined in a box doing the same thing one after another.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Yep I need to start adding to my portfolio :)