Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Finding time for everything......

Don't you just love raindrops on the tulips....

Mastering the art of relaxation

It's always such a dilemma juggling time to try and get everything done that you want too. Social media by it's very name suggests meeting somewhere for a catch up. On the likes of twitter, facebook and google+ and probably more I thankfully haven't heard off. But because your sitting in your home/studio it doesn't always feel like time is being frittered but we all know that isn't really true. So when some of that frittered time i.e. the part where you show your art or whatever else you show off, isn't being seen to it's advantage it's a bit miffy. It get's even more annoying when you are unaware that the goal posts have been moved and referee hasn't told you. I am off course talking about Facebook (who else) and their shake up with peoples pages and the fact that less and less people are seeing what you fritter your time away publishing. Better people than me will be able to explain the situation better than I but I do feel a bit angry at being kept in the dark about changes. I had thought about throwing in the towel but if Facebook has many faults it's biggest is it's addictive nature. It has bottled to perfection that natural trait we humans have....being nosey. So I'll continue to pop in for a nosey but my art I'll share from here on my blog. Apparently I'll be penalised for that too as only a percentage of followers see a link you share...ho hum!
Other news, well actually I was not supposed to be on here I was supposed to be eradicating what looks like half the worlds population of weeds from my front garden (not a good look for the neighbours). I prefer working in the back garden, less of a goldfish bowl. I got my gardening gear on, tools at the ready and the heavens opened....more weeds. Ending on a happier note the two paintings below were both sold through the Framework Gallery in Troon, to the same client. I hope whoever they are they give them many years of happiness.

Thanks as always for looking back soon!

"Ayrshire's Big Skies and Rolling Fields"
Acrylic 8" x 8"

"Big Sky, Angry Clouds"
Acrylic 8" x 8"

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Still a chill in the air.....

Still a little chill in the air in my neck of the woods but now at last things are wakening in the hedgerows. I cheated a little with my photo as it was taken last year on one of my walks but, the catkins are popping up all over at the moment. My happy snapping is curtailed a little as the pocket Canon is starting to wane in the quality of photos it takes ( I need to be treated to something new). And, as the pups aren't very photo friendly my Canon EOS is too bulky. I may add they are only non photo friendly when it means it curtails their walk. They are only to happy to pose in the The garden too has jumped from virtually nothing at the beginning of the week to looking as if the plants are on steriods. So now starts the juggling between easel and garden, not easy. I was going to say I could do with being cloned but I really don't think the world is ready yet for two of
For now as the sun is shining and the garden has won but I'm sure my creaking old bones mean I'll have to take it slowly. Guess I might manage some easel time as well. Whatever you are up to I hope it involves fun....thanks for looking in.....

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"Ruby and Mabel" Oils 10" x 12"

"Ruby and Mabel"
Oils 10" x 12"
Have grown quite fond of this painting of Ruby and Mabel and it will feel strange when it leaves for it's new home. Their family are delighted with the image and very soon it will be heading of South of the Border to it's new!
No rest for the wicked though as there is another overdue commission waiting to take centre stage on the easel...busy days (and nights) ahead.....

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More from the scrapbook....

"Receding Sun, Loch Fyne"
Helen M Turner
A little chillier today but still sunny. Had a lovely walk with the furballs early this morning after the fog had lifted....glorious. Did finish a painting this morning but awaiting the nod that all is well with it before I can share. So, like yesterday here is one from the scrapbook. This delicious oil is by my good friend and mentor Helen Turner....just gorgeeeeeeous :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter......from the scrapbook!

Sketch, Top of Warren Hill - Peter Curling
Having a peaceful Easter weekend with a mixture of work at the easel, some time in the garden and some time just pleasing myself. Some of that pleasing myself time consists of looking at other folks art (busman's holiday).......Peter Curling is one I never tire of looking at, love this wee sketch!
What ever your doing this holiday weekend make sure to leave time for!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Thank God for gardens.....

"How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence." ~Benjamin Disraeli

Thank goodness for gardens....after a rather stressful morning, shopping and doctors surgery. Well not really the shopping more so the doctors surgery.....let's just leave it at a wistful look back at doctors surgeries of old. I had fully intended to paint today but didn't want my agitated state to end up in my painting. Enter garden and a blink of spring like sunshine to ease away the stress and agitation. Your mind just drifts slowly from a muddled mush to that soft cottonwool existence where the sounds of the garden take over the chattering chaos in your head. Thank God for!

Top photo.... Tulips bought last year, they were supposed to be cream with a purple stripe but are more yellow than cream and no purple yet. But they are rather stunning and definately forgiven :)

Bottom photo.....cos I just like!

Monday, 7 April 2014

"Coming or Going" Acrylic 6"x6"

"Coming or Going"
Acrylic 6"x6"
This one is similar to "Outward Tide" (below) but I switched my blue from Ultramarine to Cobalt. Amazing how just one change can make such a difference, I had forgotten the intense skies you can create with Cobalt. I'll be including it more often on my palette espcially as we are coming into 'summer'. Painting is starting to be fun!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

From the scrapbook......and taking a much needed break.....

"Becher's first time round" 
Peter Biegel
(1933 Grand National won by Kellsboro' Jack)
One from the scrapbook and a particular favourite of mine, seemed appropriate as the Aintree Festival kicks off tomorrow. A much more modified course than in 1933 but still a test of courage and stamina for both horse and jockey. And, as if you didn't know I'll be glued to all the action.
I've also decided to take a wee break I know I've often said I would only to get caught back up in the 'social networking' web, I think I must have an addictive! But, I have felt bogged down with it all this last wee while. I want to concentrate on my painting without getting sidetracked on Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. I will still blog not every day but maybe just a couple of times a week as I've always found my Blog a good help in monitoring my progress. Take care and thanks for looking in......