Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Finding time for everything......

Don't you just love raindrops on the tulips....

Mastering the art of relaxation

It's always such a dilemma juggling time to try and get everything done that you want too. Social media by it's very name suggests meeting somewhere for a catch up. On the likes of twitter, facebook and google+ and probably more I thankfully haven't heard off. But because your sitting in your home/studio it doesn't always feel like time is being frittered but we all know that isn't really true. So when some of that frittered time i.e. the part where you show your art or whatever else you show off, isn't being seen to it's advantage it's a bit miffy. It get's even more annoying when you are unaware that the goal posts have been moved and referee hasn't told you. I am off course talking about Facebook (who else) and their shake up with peoples pages and the fact that less and less people are seeing what you fritter your time away publishing. Better people than me will be able to explain the situation better than I but I do feel a bit angry at being kept in the dark about changes. I had thought about throwing in the towel but if Facebook has many faults it's biggest is it's addictive nature. It has bottled to perfection that natural trait we humans have....being nosey. So I'll continue to pop in for a nosey but my art I'll share from here on my blog. Apparently I'll be penalised for that too as only a percentage of followers see a link you share...ho hum!
Other news, well actually I was not supposed to be on here I was supposed to be eradicating what looks like half the worlds population of weeds from my front garden (not a good look for the neighbours). I prefer working in the back garden, less of a goldfish bowl. I got my gardening gear on, tools at the ready and the heavens opened....more weeds. Ending on a happier note the two paintings below were both sold through the Framework Gallery in Troon, to the same client. I hope whoever they are they give them many years of happiness.

Thanks as always for looking back soon!

"Ayrshire's Big Skies and Rolling Fields"
Acrylic 8" x 8"

"Big Sky, Angry Clouds"
Acrylic 8" x 8"


Laura said...

I am despondent with Facebook, our page likes are nearing four thousand yet the total reach of most of my posts is a measly eight hundred. I think I am getting some fantastic photos (the stallion working cows or the new foal jumping the log) and no one is commenting or liking. I feel I should keep plodding on as we have in the past had a lot of business through the FB page but I am far from feeling the love at the moment.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

I'm sorry to hear that Laura I don't have anywhere near as many page likes but I feel very despondent. I already feel I spend too much time on it that I should be spending creating work. At the moment though they really have no competition plus the writing was on the wall the moment they became part of the Stock Market