Wednesday, 2 April 2014

From the scrapbook......and taking a much needed break.....

"Becher's first time round" 
Peter Biegel
(1933 Grand National won by Kellsboro' Jack)
One from the scrapbook and a particular favourite of mine, seemed appropriate as the Aintree Festival kicks off tomorrow. A much more modified course than in 1933 but still a test of courage and stamina for both horse and jockey. And, as if you didn't know I'll be glued to all the action.
I've also decided to take a wee break I know I've often said I would only to get caught back up in the 'social networking' web, I think I must have an addictive! But, I have felt bogged down with it all this last wee while. I want to concentrate on my painting without getting sidetracked on Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. I will still blog not every day but maybe just a couple of times a week as I've always found my Blog a good help in monitoring my progress. Take care and thanks for looking in......

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