Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A bit of everything.....

A bit of everything today weatherwise, seems Summer can't quite make up it's mind if it's coming or not. This morning the pups and I had our usual walk but I had my raincoat and fleece hat on as it was pretty nippy out. Sun finally showed her face around lunchtime and just after lunch I decided to get the grass cut both front and back, by then it was scorching. Half way through the black clouds started moving in along with rumbles of thunder. I carried on gamely trying not to think about getting fried if the lightening was coming along with the thunder......my little helpers by this time had made a hasty retreat in the house. Thankfully someone was looking out for me as I had just packed everything up when the heavens dumped it's load. Bet by tomorrow the grass will have grown an inch. As you can see from the photos even the faeries were trying to keep dry....smile!
On an arty note the courier arrived to pick up "Hazy Summer" and "Coming or Going" who are (hopefully) heading to their new home in the bright lights of London. Both of them are particular favourites of mine and I hope they will give their new owners many years of enjoyment. Got a wee seascape on the easel which I hope will be finished tomorrow....you'll just have to pop in and see!

"Hazy Summer" Acrylic 6" x 8" sold

"Coming or Going" Acrylic 6" x6" sold

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