Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Too Warm.....

Way to warm here in Scotland, well too warm for this artist. Thankfully and I am sorry for those who enjoy being a greasy spot on the ground....it rarely lasts. I really should get a fan for the studio, because if I don't paint in the morning, the sun has moved round to the back of the house by the afternoon and I get cooked. I then have to wait until 8 oclock before it's bearable to sit. Now it's at it's most pleasant the window is open, the sun has dropped behind the distant hawtorn and the blackbird is singing it's evening song. Bliss!
Decided to leave Tonto's sketch at this point, it's only a sketch and if I carry on I would overdo it and defeat it's purpose......
I shall return, that is if I haven't melted, thanks for looking in :)


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